Vodafone Graduate Scheme 2011


I thought to start a page for those who have applied for Vodafone Graduate Scheme 2011.

Please introduce yourself and a brief on your background and area of interest in Vodafone.

I have just got through initial online test and received an email with confirmation of progress to next stage and have to wait for another email with details on that. (BTW, from registeration to completing application and thn test took max 5 hours in total, so surely this is going v fast.)

I’ve professional background of retail and administration/project management and academically engineer with Masters degree.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Hi all,

I have applied for the Grad Program and have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what to expect, but I guess it’ll be standard competency based interview questions.

As for my background, I am a law graduate currently studying for the New York Bar exam whilst working in Vodafone part-time.

As for the Experience Days - I have no idea what to expect. From what I’ve heard, it is a face to face interview as well as some challenges which takes a good chunk of a day to complete.

Good luck to everyone.


Manchester & NI, though I only started in September. It is a good place to work at, though (well - not at the minute considering the heaters aren’t strong enough to cope with the bad weather!)

I take it once we get a phone interview, it means that we’ve passed the logic test and personality test, right? While researching online, I’ve seen people saying they got a phone interview which went well, but were later declined due to their test results. I’m hoping that is all behind me at this point.


I applied too, had telephone interview on 20th of December… was told 2 days for them to get back to me, i am yet to hear anything though?


Hello, i just got email to answer some 10 odd scenarios ?
do anyone have idea ?
any advice ?
i have to complte it in next 3 days any advice is appreciated. thanks


What date did you have your interview eds1?


Hmmm… Thinking it might be bad news that I haven’t heard back then… Mine was 20th


Ill leave it till Tuesday because i suppose it has been Christmas and bank holidays etc.


had my first three rounds… now through to SHL… which am pretty scared off. what will be the questions like? easy or is it tougher?


I didnot ask for answers, I just ask for approach you guys followed



I finished the SJT Test and got a mail that i was not considered for the next round. I thought i did it reasonable well. Can someone give me an idea as in what the approach should have been for clearing ?


To be honest guys… all the online bits are pretty simple… very similar to BBC application if anyone has done them before… they arent the hardest ive had but not the easiest either… Good luck anyway


Hello everyone,
I would like to share my experience of vodafone in wiki, as it has helped me lot for many interviews.
I have applied for Vodafone graduate programme 2011 and i’m thru to d final experience day (which will be on 2nd or 3rd week of march 2011).
Initially, the application and online tests were pretty normal. As for as d telephonic interview is concerned, i would say tis was d easiest one.
It begun wit d confirmation of al d information which v hv provided in our application starting from univ, mark details, visa status, flexible to relocate and abt d 1st 2 months working in the retail outlets.
They will ask for ur choice of department where you wanna work. My choice was 1) technology 2) Finance 3) strategy.
Then comes d 2 Competencies: Team work & challenging time i had. Both of them were very easy for me. The lady was listening to me very carefully and she also probed me to some extent.
Interview went for around 20-30 mins. After couple of days i got an email stating that i have been thru to d experience day.



What date did you habe your interview?


@turtle man: 21st of december
@eds1: I gave them a cal as soon as i got my mail n they confirmed that i’m thru to d experience day


I must not be through then i had mine on the 20th and am yet to hear back


@ helipolis

can u tell me how u approached the SJT ?


@ helipolis

can u tell me how u approached the SJT ?



There were no competencies wen i checked in d website…so i didn’t follow any proper approach… even i was also trying to find the approach in many forums…but i couldn’t able to find one…


Wat u said was correct. Yesterday i got a cal from vodafone to know abt where did i hear abt tis vacancy… i asked once again abt d experience day n the lady said dey will compare my overall score wit d rest of d applicants n let me know whether i’m thru to d experience day or not…
Keepin my fingers crossed :frowning:


Heliopolis you too got a call? I got one too…how many people do you think will be around for the experience day? And what scores do you say will be compared…Is it the logical reasoning? SJT? Lots of unknown quantities…