Vodafone Graduate Programme 2012


Hey all,

Thought I’d start a thread on this as I’ve got a phone interview with Vodafone for their 2012 Graduate Scheme coming up and was wondering if anyone else has done it? Any tips on what I should expect? I’d imagine it’s the usual competency based questions but any hints would be much appreciated

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey RachelB,
I’ve got the phone interview tomorrow afternoon as well. I’m pretty sure it’s basically gonna be, the area you’d wanna get into, and the usual competency/situational questions. From what I understand, a lot of it is to show how confident you are talking to people and such. Don’t quote me though…
What time is your’s tomorrow?


Hi Lima.alpha,

Thanks for the response, mines actually on Tuesday at 13.00 what time is yours? Good luck tomorrow, with any luck we’ll be seeing each other on the assessment day!


Hi all,

I just gave my on line test on last Thursday and today I have received an email saying you have made the grade and we are currently reviewing your application.

Can any one tell me what does this email means. Will I be having the telephonic interview or not?


Hi Saini,

Congrats it means you reached the required grade to be further considered for the programme. I think what happens now is they revise your application and your CV and if they like you, then they’ll send you an e-mail in a few days inviting you to a phone interview.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for Boosting up my confidence.
Today I received the email saying shortly they will give a phone call for arranging Telephonic Interview.
If you/ someone can give me some idea what they basically ask in telephonic interview will be a great help to me.



Awesome congrats :slight_smile: I had the phone interview, and I’ve received an e-mail saying they’re now considering me further for their assessment days! Basically they ask you competency questions, like prepare examples in your previous jobs/academia where you showed your strengths. I was prepared in that I stayed calm, I had thought through all of my previous jobs and thought of experiences I could draw on. The lady was really friendly so don’t worry :slight_smile:
Lima.alpha how’d yours go?


Hi Rachel,

Congrats, Party Time!! :slight_smile:

I havn’t recieved a call from there side to decide the time and date, just I have recieved an email.
Should I prepare something relevant to customer service or general strengths?


lol well they said theyd consider me so not sure if im through yet :slight_smile: I dont want to give the exact questions away but what I can say is look at your past experiences, all your employment and education and think of examples of times where eg team work was needed. She only asked me about 3 questions and in each one you need to explain the context, how you went about achieving it, and what the outcome was, what you learned from it. Be clear about everything you have done so that if she asks you a question out of the blue you can take a minute to think about it and have a clear constructed response! Best of luck!


Hi RachelB,
My interview was pretty good. Could have used your approach to structure my answers better, but guess it didn’t matter too much. Got an email the next day saying they were considering me for the experience day…and won’t find out till February! A bit of a wait eh?
Congratulations by the way… hopefully we’re both through…:slight_smile:


Congrats!! Glad to hear it! Lets hope we both get through although I’ll be soo nervous for the assessment day, never done one before!

Saini how did yours go? Hope it went well :slight_smile:


HI Rachel,

I just gave my Interview today morning.
I think it went quite well!!
Finger Crossed!!!


Hi everyone.

Congratulations to those who got through to the experience day!

I have received an email today asking me to take an online test. I have taken SHL tests before, however in the email it says they are ’ logical reasoning’ tests. Normally you get asked to do ‘verbal reasoning’, ‘numerical reasoning’, or ‘diagrammatic reasoning’, is a logical reasoning test the same as any of these, or something completely different? My guess would be it’s like the diagrammatic reasoning, but I’d like to be sure so I properly prepare!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone

I am in the same position as you ZowWise.

Also does anyone know whether the logical reasoning tests would have to be re-taken at a later stage to prove that it is indeed you that took the tests?

Thank you


Hello JamesFuture,

I had my telephone interview today. At the end the interviewer spoke to me about the experience day, and did not mention having to retake tests.


Thanks for that Zoe.

I have to do my test by the 23rd.

Can anyone kindly inform me, when they say logical reasoning does that mean shapes, sequences etc or does it also include verbal and numerical reasoning?

Thank you all


Hi guys/gals,

I had my telephone interview yesterday and received an email today telling me I’m being considered for the Experience Days in early Feb. Just wanted to know does everyone who completes the phone interview receive this email? I have yet to come across someone who did the phone interview and didnt get the email saying they are being considered for the Experience days…


Haha, I had my telephone interview and then they said I was no longer being considered, so its not everyone! Well done though, I’m not too disheartened as it was my first phone interview and have passed others since then so all good practice :slight_smile:


Hi James, If you haven’t done the tests already, they’re the same style as the ‘Inductive reasoning’ tests on SHL website.

I’ve also received the email saying that I had passed my telephone interview. From what I can gather, they will compare the results of everyone who has got to this stage, then choose 150 of us to go to the experience day…fingers crossed!


Hi Zoe

Thats great.

Congratulations to you.

I did my test today so now its just a waiting game to find out if i am through to the telephone interview stage.

Good luck to everyone!