Vodafone Global Enterprise and Group Technology 2011


Applied? Can we share our experience. Thank you


Hey there. I applied some time ago and passed the telephone interview last Thursday. They sent me an email congratulating me that I have passed, but they will let me know if I had made it through to the final assessment centre by tomorrow. So I’m just unsure at the moment.hoping that I have been short listed though and I can’t wait to find out!


@shush97: Even am on the same boat. but they never mentioned in my mail that they will let me know by 2mrw…could you please tell me a bit more abt this program? i tried searching about it everywhere and couldnt find any info…


Hi. Well I applied for tho discover Vodafone programme for Vodafone global enterprise. I think all the information will be on the enterprise website. Its a bit strange that you haven’t received an email saying that they would let you know by today, I thought the deadline for them would be today as I’m told the assessment centre is on the 6th of July which is exactly one week from now.


Ah I’m terms of the info about the program itself I’m not entirely sure either! But I can only imagine that it would be similar to the Vodafone program so I looked up the graduate scheme for Vodafone on the website including the restaurant and assumed that it may be the same for Vodafone global enterprise. Did you get to choose your top 3 preferences of departments to work for in the telephone interview?


My mail says the experience day is gonna be on 25th july in Newbury and that i will hear from them only by mid july. May be i am not in the top list. i had also gone through the graduate scheme for vodafone on the website, though i have a feeling this one is not going to be the same… :slight_smile: i wish more people would join in here and give some feedback. they didnt ask me for top 3 departments to work for in the telephonic interview…did they ask you? what background are you from? mine is computer science


ah right, must be a different scheme then. my mail tells me that assessment centre for me is 6th July in London and that i hear back from them today. I actually rang them up to see what’s happening and was told that I should have an answer by the end of today. If i pass, I wonder what would be conducted in the experience day. looked at some discussion threads on this site about general vodafone’s passed experience days, and some of them involved candidates to create and prepare a video presentation about themselves! that is of course not Vodafone Global Enterprise so it could be different and Alice you could be right.

@Alice my background is information systems, Business, and accounting, though i’m veering towards IT and project management. yeah they asked me at the end of the telephone interview out of the five they have, which three departments are preferred.


All the best for the result. Do let us know if you pass to the experience day.



I have received the e-mail that I have passed the interview and they will let me know whether I will be shortlisted soon. Actually during the telephone interview I was told that they will let me know about experience by today only but not in the mail. The experience day is same as you on 6th July.

What were your three preferences ?..and are you a domestic candidate ?



i chose 1st choice M2M, followed by marketing, and finally commercial… though i sorta wished i put marketing as third choice.

if by domestic you mean I live in the UK then yes.

Still not received the email… but im off to nando’s now. I guess i shall find out when i get back!




Please be advised that tomorrow we will let you know whether you’ve been short – listed.

We do apologize for the delay and for any inconvenience caused.

Any questions, please give us a call on +44 207 832 0149.

Kind regards

Vodafone Graduate Recruitment Team

I guess we will find out tomorrow!


Yes, I got the same mail from them. Let’s see how tomorrow pans out…:wink:


I’m in the same boat and got the same mail about getting reply tomorrow! (After emailing them at 5:15pm today) I was checking my emails all day; the mail I got definitely said short-lists by 29th… good luck for tomorrow everyone :slight_smile:


Any update guys ?


No news, very frustrating…!


nope :frowning:

i’m not too sure if we re gonna have enough time for the assessment centre at this rate :S i hope the assessment centre isn’t gonna be too intensive in reflection to this.


Surely they can’t push it back another day?? It feels like results day and it’s not even the end of the last stage!


:slight_smile: Got through. How’d you guys do?


Well done…haven’t heard anything till now…did they call or send a mail ?..what were your 3 preferences ?


Email at 4:57… it says that there are 20 people in the final round. I think my 3 were sales, marketing and commercial but not 100%… plus it was only because the interviewer didn’t have info with them on customer ops and m2m. How about you?