Vodafone Global Enterprise 2012 Tests



Has anyone given their telephone interview? if so can you pls share your experiences and questions.



Hi, I was also contacted today and invited for a telephone interview.

Pls anyone share their experience / questions if you have already completed the telephone interview!! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I got an invite for the telephone interview as well. I was told that it will be competency based… So I’m guessing standard questions on teamwork etc. Would be a good idea to know the structure of the company and it’s culture etc…

That’s all I can say from what I’ve been told. Can someone please guide us based on their experience?? In particular, will they ask anything on commercial awareness?

All those who are struggling with the tests… Just practise as much as you can. They can be quite tricky, but there are only a few tricks you need to be familiar with. Make sure you answer all questions. Also try the practise tests on www.assessment day.com - they are generally harder than SHL … So good practise! Good luck!


Hello guys,

Has anyone been thru telephone round? Any idea how many places they have for offer?



Hey guys

How long did it take for you to hear back from vodafone after completing the online test? Its coming up to a week now and I fear the worst

Thanks for any replies!


They got back very fast… I think in 1 or 2 days.



Guess I just have to wait and see


@ qwerty121
well to quell ur nerves… they got back to me in exactly a week and i was still successful… so jus relax! u wud b fyn! (i was rubbish at the test:))


That does help actually. It’s kind of worrying when you read about people who get advanced to the next stage in a matter of days, when you yourself still await a result. Thanks a lot for the reply!


Hi everyone,

Can somebody share their experience in the telephonic interview.


Yes please, can anyone share their thoughts on the telephone interview? Would be very helpful as mine is tomorrow.

Thank you!


Hi Firasco,

When will they get back to us after telephonic interview.


Hey wasup ppl, I’m surprised by how quiet everyone is in this discussion!!!

The lady on the phone said we will hear back within 5 days.

Vinpaul, did you also complete the tel. interview? How did it go for you?


Yes completed the telephonic…

It was a very good experience I had fun having conversation with the recruiter.

He kept encouraging me and it was going like a general conversation, lasted between 25 to 30 min.

How was yours ?


Was good thanks. Asked a number of questions, some specific and some more general. I was well prepared. The lady was very friendly, which makes it even more important to not fall into the trap of becoming informal.

Let’s hope that we get through :slight_smile:


I have also just got a phone call about the Phone Interview! I am so excited. The lady said it was a very competitive to get to this stage and we all should be proud of ourselves! :slight_smile:
Will work a lot about my skills before the interview!
I believe that there are different timings for different people receiving their replies as if there were (guessing?) around 200 ppl applying for the graduate scheme and supposedly they are about 50 to be chosen… it takes time 


ps, do u all know about the website?
check facebook page:
Vodafone Graduate Scheme 2012/13


hi justa.

did they call you to provide feedback about your telephone interview?

i received an email just now.

and did they state that you are invited to the experience day on the 28th?


Hey All!

Just found out about this group!!!

Glad to see so many of you made it to the telephonic interview stage. I’m gonna have mine today :slight_smile:

For those of you who have already had the interview … how was it? And the fb page “Vodafone Graduate Scheme 2012/13” … has everyone in it already cleared the assessment center as well? 'Cause I thought we’re all going to have the Experience Day on the 28th of this month.

Also, do we give our preference while selecting the verticals we’re going to be in during the grad program … or are we assigned one?


the facebook group that justa85 mentioned is NOT for the people taking the vodafone global enterprise graduate scheme. the group is for people who have passed the experience day and got the job at vodafone UK (not VGE). but i think it’s ok if we join the group since we should all network/ meet and will probably work at vodafone UK HQ in newbury.

who else heard back regarding the telephone interview?? anybody rejected / or already been selected for the experience day? or just listed as a potential candidate for the experience day?