Vodafone Discover Graduate Scheme 2013!


Hi All,

Noticed there doesnt seem to be a post for the scheme starting this year and couldnt find much information in older posts.

I have my telephone interview (non-technical scheme) tomorrow and would really appreciate any tips?

Thanks and good luck to everyone applying :slight_smile:


Hiya! I have a telephone interview on thursday, how did yours go? Any tips? :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
I have gone through online test and first interview and will join the ED next week on Wed 20th.

Behavioral questions during the interview, which is the experience where you have learned more? How do you react to negative points raised up from your managers during your working experience?

Have you been accepted for the ED?


My questions were completely different from Danymio.
and I was accepted for the ED.


I also am joining the ED on Wednesday. How are you guys feeling about it? I’m very nervous, currently preparing my presentation.


Can anyone give me any details about the experience day ?


1st interviews is career oriented (going through ur CV)
2nd interview motivational interview (also info about Vodafone)
3nd is presentation they will give you (do not bring any PPT if they dont require it, just underline critical points and let them understand that you think out of the box
4th is the group exercise: They give you a case study, then you will discuss your options with 2 manager (for 10mins) then you discuss with the group the option and come up with conclusions with the team - it is not that tough, just listen the others and to not give the impression that you wanna overcome the others, it is a matter of collaboration with the others…good luck


^ Thanks a lot bro, you’re a star !!!..
Seems pretty straight forward :smiley:
Is there any psychometric tests ?


no dude just the steps I told you…lemme know how it goes I should sign the contract shortly…we might catch up…good luck


Thanks mate, defo will do.


Anyone heard back from the A/C day on 7th yet?


Anyone coming offered a position and coming on Sept 2nd?


Hi, I was at the A/C on the 7th. Was told I would hear back my last Tuesday but no word yet. Have you heard anything about your application?


Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone could tell me if the presentation on the day of the AC is one-to-one or infront of a group? I just got invited to the AC and I’m kinda worried cause I only have 4 days to prepare.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there Miams, was this AC for the Discover programme? As I received an email from vodafone on the 29th March 2013 saying that they were in the process of making the shortlist for their AC (on a date still to be confirmed) and I would hear back in april, did you receive this email also?. My online application still says it is in the ‘hiring manager review stage’. I was still hopeful of making it to the AC stage, but am guessing if you have applied around the same time as me I would have been invited to the same AC day, so would assume I have not made the cut?

Anyways, regardless of my issue, I hope the day went well for you!


Hi All,

I found out yesterday evening that I have made it through to the AC on Thursday 18th.

As some of you have mentioned, I need to make a presentation. Of course I am going to do as much research as I can on it but can anyone offer some words of advice regarding the presentation?

Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can offer and for those of you in a similar position to me - Good Luck!