Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme 2017



I’m a recent graduate who’s been looking around a lot of grad schemes recently. I’ve been looking into the Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme, and thought I’d share my findings here.

The Vodafone Discover Graduate programme is a grad scheme that lasts two years, will see you rotate round company placements, and can be accessed from loads of different streams such as Customer Experience, Commercial Marketing, Technology and HR.

The application process has three stages: online application, followed by a video interview, and finally an assessment centre.

The online application is a bit more in-depth than some tend to be. It has the usual CV, education, employment details and so on, but also has a few longform questions too as well as a numerical, verbal and logical test with 25 questions in 20 minutes to complete – the kind found on most large corporate applications (SHL), so practice materials can be found easily.

Vodafone do the next step a little differently. The video interview presents you with six questions, and you have about a minute to record your answer for each. Most people find this stage quite odd as there’s no one on the other end to bounce off of, so don’t worry if you think you’ve done badly.
The questions asked seem to vary quite a lot, from more technical ones to ones about Vodafone’s overall business and current affairs, to one that I’ve come across a lot: “if you were stuck in a lift with the CEO of Vodafone, what would you ask him?”

The assessment centre comes next, and has three main parts to it. Firstly, you will be placed with a small group (around 3-6 people typically) for some group exercises. This will most likely be something along the lines of a group discussion of a business case study involving Vodafone.
Afterwards, you’ll give a solo presentation to a manager the sums up your findings and conclusions from the group task.

Then you’ll be invited to the final interviews. For some people these have been quite long, or there have been more than one. For others they’ve been 20 minute speed interviews, so be prepared to either. The interviewer will go through your CV, ask about your experiences, and ask you some more specific questions based on your role. For example, you might be asked to explain some GSM terms and explain GSM system architecture, or you might be given a customer case study and asked how you’d deal with it.

Other questions could really be anything. Typical ones are often ‘why Vodafone?’, ‘why this role?’, ‘what are your career aspirations?’, ‘what is the most surprising fact about Vodafone?’, ‘what skills do you think you will develop over your two years?’ and so on. You’re also likely to be asked about Vodafone’s business, their competitors, challenges to the market with reference to current affairs, and what you would change about Vodafone.