Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme 2014



Hi there,

Couldn’t find the thread for the 2014 Vodafone Graduate Programme so I thought I would post here.

So I am just in the stages of completing the online application and I was just wondering whether anyone had submitted a covering letter as well? On the online application there are the usual questions “Why Vodafone?”, “Describe your key skills and the qualities that you can bring to Vodafone. How will you put these into practice at Vodafone?” and “What is your biggest achievement in the past 5 years?” but there is also a page which asks for ‘Your documents’. I have submitted my CV here but was wondering whether a covering letter was needed as well?

Anyone else done this?


No cover letter, just those questions! Good luck, I should have my phone interview soon…


Ahh great, thank you! I submitted the application on Saturday so hopefully I will get through to the online numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests - how long did it take for them to put you through to the tests once you’d submitted the original application? And again, how long after did you hear that you’d got a phone interview?

Good luck!!


No prob…it took 3-4 days to get the link for the tests and then you should have 7 days to complete them. Then another few days for the interview…


Anybody for the AC on November 7???


I have my interview on the 4th. Any idea what kind of questions to expect?


It’s a mixture of competency questions (examples of creative ideas, which skills you can bring) and questions about the company (what do you know about Vodafone, do you know anything about their Charity activities, where they operate, etc)… It was fairly friendly overall and not too tough


Any idea about voda competencies? I have gone through the website but couldn’t find anything on what they’re looking for. CVXL, Timeht and Rebbecca can you guys provide any information regarding interview competencies? Will be much appreciated.



You may read “The vodafone way” (just google it) to have an idea of what their values are and what “competencies” you can link to them…then think of situations where you demonstrated them… Honestly I forgot the exact questions, but there was nothing totally weird. Good luck!


Hi, does anybody know what sort of questions are in the phone interview. Thanks


Hi, I just had mines on Friday. Overall it was very friendly - she started off by asking me what I knew about Vodafone, where they operate, how I think the discover programme will shape my career, Vodafone’s technological developments, where I see myself in 5 years time etc. In terms of competency questions, she asked 1) A time when I was outside my comfort zone - how it made me feel? and 2) A time when I thought of a creative idea and applied it - how did I influence others into agreeing to my idea?

Thats pretty much all I can remember - but overall the interviewer was really friendly!


Passed the telephone interview! Anyone for the Assessment Centre on the 27th of November?


Hi, how did your AC go?


Interview in 10min!


Hey, had my telephone interview today and got through for the Assessment Centre on 4th Dec! Interview was just like what people have said above^^ Can anyone provide details on how the AC went for them and what the final interview is like? Thanks


how long did it take them to email you after the interview?


Got an email through only half an hour after the interview! Are you still waiting to hear back?




It usually takes them two/three working days to reply


She mentioned 2 days to reply. I hope she replies soon so that if I am successful, I will go to the AC on the 4th.