Vodafone discover graduate 2013


I have passed the tests and had the telephone interview for the Vodafone scheme. I have been sent an email saying that the assessment / experience day is on the 10th of January and to keep it free in case I am selected for it. Its the 5th and still not heard anything.
Has anyone been asked to go on the day?
Is anyone in the same position?



I applied for the role but havent heard anything back after submitting the application. I submitted on the 29th December so hopefully will hear back soon. How were the tests? Numerical or Verbal?

Good luck with the assessment day!

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I guess its because its been ny and xmas which is why they havent been in contact. last i heard was 28th of dec.
Go on the SHL website and practice the tests on that- it will really help. www. shldirect.com/practice_tests.html


Yeah true, thanks for the link! Grad scheme looks really nice :slight_smile: Hope you get a swiftul reply for the A/C day!

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Hi All, many thanks for your wonderful job here;
I applied to Discover Technology Graduate Programme and have made it to interview stage.
Can anyone give me a clearer information on what to expect.

Thanks all


@OJANEDOE: Congrats for getting through to A/C; Can you help me with info. about the telephone interview? THANKS


hi when do you have your ac day?


hi when do you have your ac day for the discover technology scheme


has anybody heard back after wenesday 23 januarys assessment day?


or am i the only one waiting? :frowning:


I got an email saying im still being considered but haven’t been given a date for the experience day. So i guess i am a reserve.

The deadline was today so I guess thinks will start to speed up now and people will hear if they are progressing or not.

Fingers crossed.


I submitted my application about 5 days ago and still have not heard anything yet. I see people have done online tests and are being invited to assessment days. This has made me a bit worried now. Is anyone in the same position. How long did it take for you to hear back after submitting the application? If anyone can help. And all the best of luck to all!


SAslam15 I am in the same position, submitted it 7 days ago and still have not heard anything


I’m guessing we have not been successful then as many people have already had their tests and been invited to assessment days. Well just have to wait I guess. Good luck hope you hear something soon.


Possibly that is the case, if you hear anything let me know. Best of luck to you also


Hi guys,

Just found this forum post, I applied for the Discover Graduate Prog and have a telephone interview tomorrow, does anyone have any tips? Is it just competency or are there some questions about the company too? Not looking for actual questions of course but general tips would be great!



Simpson01 I have been sent an email inviting me to do online tests. It says I have three days to complete them so need to get some practise in. I submitted t application on the 25th January. And I was starting to lose hope. Hope you have heard something. All the best to everyone.


So I managed to pass my telephone interview and have the ED this Wednesday. Is anyone else joining it? Or does anyone have any advice?

Thanks and good luck to everyone.


AC DAY for Technology Graduate

Personal interview
going through pretty much your CV and any other extra currum activities, really looking for how you dealt with challenges in the past and what Motivates you.
A few competency questions as well; how u dealt with a challenging situation, collaborative e.t.c

Technical interview
just finding out what you know about the telecom industry and telecom technology in a whole i.e what you know about the role your applying for, icould, basestation and base switch (how a telephone signal is received), basic understanding of java e.t.c

(was my weakest part and the main reason for not getting the Job, so be confident, be clear in you communication)

Individual exercise
business case; your manager is out and wants you to take hes place in a meeting and wants you to defend and explain he’s business option in the meeting, you will be expressing this to an hr manager.

Group Exercise
4 members , 4 options, your each given individual options and are meant to work as a group to agree on 2 options what should be put forward at the end.
4 business options on how to get more customer to using more Data. (look at what voda offer in terms of data packages cause that was one of the options so I knew there was one definetly one right answer out of four options.) more Tips look for advantages and disadvantages in your option as well as other, the whole point of the exercise is to find the best option and that necessarily might not be your option, so have a open mind and pick and agree to the best option but you want to be the one finding the advantages and disadvantages for others options.

End of day; and a walk through the voda campus


Hi guys,

Are there many going to the ED tomorrow? Im very nervous - think I just want to get it over with!!