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Is anyone attending Vodafone’s upcoming Finance Assessment Centre Next Thursday (29th March) at their Newbury office ? It will be nice to get in touch with people who will be attending this AC. Also, for people who’ve ever attended a Vodafone’s AC could you please share your experience on what was exactly involved on the day? this could be really helpful and beneficial to present and future applicants.

Thank you


Hey, I’ve recently applied for a role with Vodafone (Tech), just wanted to see what questions are asked at video interview stage?


I attended the assessment centre at Newbury back in January and got an offer but I declined it as I decided Vodaphone wasn’t really offering what I wanted.

You start with having a presentation about Vodaphone, and they talk a little bit about the scheme. Then everyone went and did their group exercises. The groups consisted of 4 people, and you had roughly 20 mins to read through a couple of sources of information you had been given and then present back to 3 assessors your answers to some questions you have also been given. The assessors are watching you the whole time, and expect them to ask some questions at the end. My advice here would be to give yourself a job. The assessors pointed out that I was keeping track of the time, while another guy was compiling everyone’s notes for the presentation at the end.

After people were then split into groups and did either the 1) Tour around the site, 2) Interview and 3) Cast study. You will do these activities in a random order depending on how the day is arranged.

Tour - Pretty straightforward, some current grads give you a tour around the site.
Interview - 1 on 1 interview, can’t remember exact questions but they weren’t really finance related. It was mostly ‘tell me a time you…’ and ‘how do you think this will help at Vodaphone?’ ect. The interview lasted for about 30 minutes.
Case Study - Given 2 - 3 sources of information and then had to present a business idea to one of the assessors. For me, it was regarding e-healthcare and how Vodaphone could join/utilise this market. This took about 40 minutes.

Once you had done all these tasks you could leave, pretty sure I finished about 12:30 ish. I then heard back 3 days later with an offer.



THANK YOU SO MUCH for detailing your experience. It will surely be helpful to me for my Vodafone AC. My AC in Newbury was supposed to take place last Thursday but due to the snow it got cancelled and has been reported till the end of this month. So your experience and comments are really useful. If possible, could you be more specific on the individual presentation ? so does the task basically involve discussing how Vodafone could venture into a new business idea and how it will be profitable for the company ?

Thanks again



Well at my video interview I got asked about 6 questions…Can’t remember all but some of them are as follows:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Tell us one thing that other people would find difficult to achieve
  • Tell us about one time that you had a bad experience with customer service, what happened and what they can improve
  • Something you learn about Vodafone that you didn’t know (Most surprising fact about Vodafone)
  • If you were stuck in the lift with the Vodafone CEO, what would you ask him?
    Good Luck !


Hiya, yep so in my case study I was given some sources about e-health care and what products were currently available. They also included some statistics like market shares, predicted growth etc.

You were also given a brief with about 4 - 5 points that you needed to cover when presenting back to the assessor. I can’t remember what they were exactly but they were along the lines of:

  1. Can you explain the current market of the case study you’ve been given
  2. How could Vodaphone compete in this market?
  3. What challenges would entering this market face?
  4. What could Vodaphone offer to customers in terms of products/ services?

You had about 30 minutes to read through the sources and make notes. They give you a tablet to read the sources and make notes on. You can use your notes when you are presenting.

Your presentation should be between 10 - 15 minutes. I think I went just below 10 minutes, but my assessor didn’t have too many questions to ask me as I had covered all the points so that was fine. Also, I tried coming up with an alternative product recommendation which wasn’t on the sources. She seemed to like this but that might be because shes heard the same case study who knows how many times.

My advice would be to cover all the points in a logical order, use the stats in the case studies to back up what you are saying and also be able to answer any questions the assessor will ask. And don’t be afraid to go out of the box and be creative, as long as it stays relevant to the questions being asked.

Good Luck!


Hey, thanks for that, it’s weird, I took my video interview yesterday and had none of those questions! I think mine were: 1) Tell us something you are passionate about? 2) Tell us about a time you were out of your comfort zone. 3) What three words would your friends use to describe you. 4) Tell us about a time you used an innovative solution to a complex problem. 5) Tell us about a time where things went wrong and how you dealt with it (or something along those lines).

Did you progress from that stage?


Thank you so so much! So grateful for this !!! I will try and prepare as much as possible. Just one more question, I’m fully prepared for the interview but I’m still sceptical about group activity. So in case you remember, could you please provide more detail on how your group activity went through ? Many thanks again


Hey, well They’ve probably decided to change their interview questions so I guess applicants shouldn’t expect similar questions every time. Yes I did progress from this stage and I’ve been invited to Vodafone Assessment Centre which was supposed to take place last Thursday but got cancelled because of the snow. So it’s been reported till the end of this month. Good luck while waiting for the outcome of your interview.


Yep so as a group, we all got a tablet each with the same 3 - 4 sources of information, for the group, exercise the topic was on e-sims. Like in the case study we got given a list of objectives we had to answer and present back to the assessors such as:

  1. How will the e-sim affect Vodaphone?
  2. How will customer spending/ habits change?
  3. What could Vodaphone do to improve it’s services to customers?

In my group, we decided to each spend 5 mins reading the sources and writing our own notes. We then took it in turns going around the table and discussing the points we needed to answer. We also decided each person should have their own question to present back to the assessors. So during the discussion, you would write down key points about your question.

We then presented to the assessors, going around the table again letting each person speak and answer their given question.

I think this was good as everyone got to speak, and no one person was in charge.

Again like the case study, the sources contained a lot of stats and figures which you could use to back up the points you were saying. At the end of the presentation, the assessors would ask you questions about the task, and also how you think you acted as a group.


Many many Thanks. Atleast I now know what to expect at the AC. If I may ask why did you decline your offer ?


No worries! And their finance scheme doesn’t offer a ACA or CIMA training, which is something I want to do. I was speaking to some of the grads and Vodaphone was thinking of introducing CIMA but it’s not confirmed yet. So I decided to apply for positions in accounting firms instead.


Oh ! that makes full sense. that’s very unusual though…because from what I know most Finance graduate schemes especially from large MNCs always offer to study for ACA, ACCA or CIMA. That’s a downturn to their graduate scheme so hopefully they will introduce CIMA because I would really love to study for one of those qualifications as well.


Yeah, I guess that makes a lot of sense. Congrats on passing the video interview stage, hope the assessment goes well for you. Keep us updated on how it goes and what you do during the day. Thanks!


Oh, also I forgot to ask, how long did it take for them to respond to your video interview, and do they send you an email or give you a call to tell you about the next stage?


Hey, I applied in November and they responded to my Video Interview in February. It took them about three months, and I had to send them a couple of emails just to follow through and remind them that I was still waiting to receive feedback on my Video Interview. They replied to my emails saying that they received so many applications and they were still going through each one of them so we just had to be patient and wait for their response. Then they sent me an email in the end of February inviting me to their AC which I am looking forward to attend.


Hey, thanks for that. Do you have the email address to contact them, I can’t find it anywhere on the website.


Hey. Here it is: graduate.recruitment@vodafone.com


Fantastic, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


Hi, did you have your assessment centre then? How did it go?