Vodafone Discover 2016



Anyone applying to this? :slight_smile: Hows it going? :slight_smile:


Just received an email from them saying I’ve passed the Video Interview and they’ll be in touch soon regarding assessment centres :slight_smile:


Ooh same! Which one are you going for? :slight_smile:


I just finished my video interview. Not too sure how I feel about it :(. Which ones are you guys applying for?


The corporate and external affairs programme, and you? :slight_smile:


I thought I did terribly but was surprised so you probably did better than you think :slight_smile:


I applied for that one too! Just waiting to get a date for AC so maybe see you there :slight_smile:


Oh really, I hope so! I really want it lol. And same I applied to that one too


Has anybody had confirmation for the AC for the technology discover programme yet?


Mines is on the 16th Feb. Have you got a date for yours?


When do you guys have your assessment centres? I’ve applied to the tech programme and mines is on the 16th Feb.


Yeah mines the 18th of Feb… congrats for getting this far


I’ve got mine on the 17th for corporate affairs :slight_smile:


Congrats to you as well! All the best!


All the best! They seem to be running so many AC’s!


Anyone attending an assessment centre on 10th March?


Anyone attending on the 24th March ??


Anyone going on 17th Feb? Im coming from Cardiff and would be happy to pay someone for a lift all the way/part way! Could meet you at Reading/Swindon/Bristol…


yes I am


What sort of questions did they ask you in the video interview? Obviously if you prefer not to give specifics that’s cool. But were they relevant to the stream you applied for, motivation/competency based? Any curve balls?