Visa Processing time



I am an international student and currently holding a grad offer. I am aware that I would need to swap my tier 4 visa to tier 2 visa through the firm’s lawyer and I would like to know how long does it usually take? I am still planning to visit home after I graduate this July so I want to know if my plan is still possible.



Hi! Congrats on your offer! I have exactly the same question and it seems like visa processing time is 3 weeks.


Thanks! do you have any idea if I can ask for the premium service and of course I will bear the extra cost?



Thank you for your post. I suggest you contact the Student Recruitment Team who will be able to have a look into this for you.

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Hi. I’m also in the same situation. Have you applied for your visa yet? Do you use the premium service?



Congrats on your offer!
I am looking for opportunities with KPMG, could you tell me what role have you been offered?



Hey, any updates? I’m in the same position too.