Virgin Media UK, Customer Service Advisor Interview Experience, 2017

Virgin Media


Last week I applied for the customer service advisor 's role.

I applied online and my application was successful then an online assessment link was sent to me by email which took approximately 30 minutes and I was successful then I booked my slot for a telephone interview which lasted about 30 minutes and I was successful and then I got invited for an assessment day from 10am to 2 pm.

I am now awaiting to hear from them but what happened at the assessment is worth sharing I went to the assessment centre at 09:50 and found others waiting there and only at 10:15 two ppl acknowledged us (8 more ppl).

Anyway we were told to wait for 15 minutes more then we were taken to a room where we all sat and everything started but hold on a minute all of a sudden I was totally ignored by the lady giving presentation I tried to give my views but no I got totally ignored and then the group did not gave me chance to speak as this was a group exercise it was like someone is eating my sweets and not letting me have any anyway I got bit shocked but decided I got to do something so I kept on focusing and somehow involved myself with the group within 10 minutes but those 10 minutes were like so big I felt discriminated but had to continue did not think to leave at that point it was only the start of the show some how everything went ok until at the end around 1:15 I was invited to have 1:1 interview there were two interviewers one asked me questions and other one wrote my answers so the one who asked me questions looked quite impressed with my answers giving me 100% attitude saying well done good brilliant etc so I kept focusing on her but then while giving my answers confidently I looked at the one writing my answers she started giving me a weird face and scratching her nose but I continued full on with my answers and felt really confident and then I was told all looks good and all the group will gather again and have a little chit chat about how our day has been so I started waiting for the group to be back from their 1:1 but instead one of worker from their group came to me it was 1:45 and said we are letting ppl go home now so you can leave too but I said all my stuff is in other room I go get it to which worker replied that I go and get the stuff and then the other worker walked with me towards the exit felt so weird first I got ignored why I don’t know could be discrimination then that other interviewers behaviour it’s them who invited me and I didn’t do anything to provoke anything except showing best behaviour and confidence so why all this haven’t heard anything from them as they said it takes 2 weeks for all the checks to be done etc but I don’t know what to think about them and I keep on trying to forget the experience but … any of you had weird experiences in any of the companies??


hi I am going to have a phone interview for the SOx trainee role. Any tips? By the way, did they send you any offers?