Virgin Media Technology Graduate Scheme

Virgin Media


I’ve made it to an Assessment Centre for the Technology graduate scheme at Virgin Media, and was wondering if anybody knows what happens at the Assessment Centre? I’m assuming the majority of it is like other Assessment Centres, but is there anything specific to the Technology ones like coding tests?



Yeah I’m in the same boat, not too sure what to expect really/ I reckon I might give them a call tomorrow to see if there is a rough Itinerary. I should of asked when they called today but it totally slipped my mind.


I’m the same, I have my assessment day tomorrow. Did you find out any more information? When I asked, they said we can meet the graduates, speak to the recruiters and that there would be some group tasks and an interview.


Hi, I have an assessment centre coming up and was hoping you guys could give some insight of what to expect. I typically forgot to ask what is to be expected so any tips will be much appreciated.


Hey! Did you do the video interview? I have to do it for another scheme, but I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of questions they ask more or less?

Thanks!! :slight_smile: