Virgin Media Marketing Scheme

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I’ve been invited to a video interview for the Virgin Media Marketing Graduate Scheme. Has anyone been through this part of the process? What were the questions like?

Thanks very much.


Hi, I have also been invited to a video interview. Have you had yours yet? How did it go? :slight_smile:


Hi, not had mine yet. Have you? What were you asked?


I received an invitation for the video interview. Now I have received an email saying that they’ll not do the marketing scheme in the end? Did you get this email? Thanks!


Hi- I relieved that email to followed by one saying to disregard it! Now very confused!


Hi Both. Did you receive that email after completing the video interview or before?


Seems well unprofessional. I received 2 emails giving me 2 different deadlines in which to do my video interview haha


I literally have no idea what’s going on! Haha


hey! before :slight_smile: I still have to do it, I think the deadline is tomorrow right? Is it for you guys too?

Did anyone did it already? No clue about what questions they would ask, apart from the general ones (motivation for the programme,etc) any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hi all! I’ve just got the email to do the video interview for a different scheme! Does anyone mind giving tips on what to expect? i.e. competency based or technical questions? Thank you!! :slight_smile: