Views on CIPFA


I am currently a part-qualified CIPFA accountant, working with a London based authority in a management accounting function, studying at Kaplan.
I will be qualified in 6 months time.

I’ve got several years experience now, and would like to experience work in the private sector sometime soon. I was hoping to know if anybody has made the same move (public to private sector), how easy the transition was and what barriers there were to moving.

Many thanks and happy holidays


What sort of work did you have in mind? Sticking with management accounting?

I’m not sure what a private sector firm would make of CIPFA, the biggest barrier would probably be knowledge of what’s involved compared to a CIMA candidate where they know what they’re getting.

There are other avenues, some of the Big 4 offer CIPFA and so will know it well, but that would tend to still be in a public sector role obviously (I’m in public sector audit at KPMG and studying CIPFA).


Hi PQAccountant,

We would strongly recommend you complete your training with your current employer and apply for full Membership as soon as possible. Once qualified, you’ll find moving much easier as there is high demand for newly qualified CIPFA Members.

With regard to moving to the private sector, we know of many Members who have moved from the public sector. Also, bear in mind the CIPFA Placements; a team set up to help CIPFA Members seek new opportunities. They can be contacted on 020 8667 1144 for further information.

Interestingly, to respond to the point about CIMA, they have recently withdrawn from CCAB status and so CIMA Members will not be considered for roles where ‘CCAB Qualified Accountant’ is a requirement. As this is the case, CIPFA Members may find it easier to seek such jobs.

Good luck!