Vestas Graduate Programme


Has anyone been to an interview with Vestas? Care to share on some of the questions asked?



No but am hoping to. Have you got an interview yet? I have not heard back!



I went for 2 rounds of interviews with the HR, so am now waiting for news for next round.


Has any one from India got a call for interview so far?


Hi there,

Which track did you apply to?
I went for the 1. round of phone interview the 6. april but havn’t heard from them then. I’m starting to get worried :frowning:


I applied to the Production Engineering & Technology track how about you? At least youve had a tele interview. I still havent heard anything!


supply chain… only 3 are hired for each track, so it doesnt matter whatever you make it to the assessment day or get refusal on your application, only top 3 counts


I applied for R&D track, but haven’t heard anything from them yet :frowning:

Seriously awaiting for a call…


we are in the same boat mate! I wouldnt worry… 20th of this month was meant to be deadline to hear no… things do run late though? I tried to find a contact number but couldnt seem to find anything! may be worth calling them to see whats going on!


morning guys

oh yes we are waiting for the results that whether vestas will progress us to the assessment day ~~~

wont be long I hope :slight_smile:


have you also already been through the 2. interview?


Any updates mates?


just rcvd invitation to the assessment day in may


Nope not for me! if these guys have heard and we havent… doesnt sound good does it! Ill have to contact them when I get a chance! you?


I am pretty confused as to what to do…I had following this for quite long :frowning:


Hey everyone,

Anybody complete the assessment center in 2010 yet? I have to attend soon and i wondering if anyone has already attended, if so what was it like and what were your experiences?

Thanks in advance fo any help or advice


Anyone invited to an assessment centre for the Sales & Markets Track?