Verbal questions, please help!


Hi, guys,

I found some verbal questions really tricky to me and I provided my answers (True, False, Cannot say) as follows.

Sometimes I really confuse about the difference between False and Cannot say. It is highly appreciated if you guys can give your suggestions and answers.




  1. It had been assumed that people would communicate more honestly when using e-mail than when using the telephone. F
  2. An implication of the study is that if telephone conversations are recorded and people are aware of this fact, they are likely to be more truthful over phone. C
  3. People are unconcerned about the repercussion of email untruths. C


  1. People feel safer when there are more police on the street. C
  2. Reducing the number of police officers has led to a reduction in crime. T


  1. Teachers with revolutionary ideas will attempt to influence their pupils for their own political ends. C
  2. Some teachers who report children of wrongdoing do so because of malice, rather than any legitimate reason. C
  3. Some of those working in education have their own hidden agendas. C


  1. Bipedalism is the main trait that distinguishes ancient human from Austraplopithecus. T
  2. Bipedal apes are more evolutionarily advantaged than quadrupedal ones. C
  3. Australopithecus is as closely related to ancient man as to the chimpanzee. T


12. The program is more accurate at identifying the gender of the writer than the fictional or non fictional content of the passage. C
13. Stereotypes are generally based on fact. C


Hi I have the same problem as you really confused with especially cannot tell and false and on top of that English is not really my first language so :frowning: :frowning: