verbal offer guarantees a place?


Dear all

I was made an offer by E&Y over the phone two weeks ago but am still waiting for the offer letter and contract to be sent through. They did send me an email three days after the phone notification, saying the documents’d be sent in the near future. How long does ‘the near future’ imply? almost 2weeks now… :frowning: How many days does it normally take?

Wondering if a place’s guaranteed by the verbal offer on the phone. How does the whole system work? Would I be squeezed out if people accepted offers earlier than me and vacancies filled up quickly? :confused:Should I worry about the long wait and contact them? feeling things are still pretty uncertain… Could anyone help please? Many thanks!


Hi Allwell,

Congratulations on your offer! Once a company has made a verbal offer, they will not withdraw it unless there are exceptional circumstances. These would be discovering errors in your CV, flaws in your references or a general financial crisis at the firm that led them to re-think their recruitment process.

Withdrawing is pretty exceptional however. For example one city bank recently notified all the graduates it made written offers to earlier this year that they will no longer be able to work for the firm due to financial problems as a result of the credit crisis. The firm couldn’t afford to hire new staff so had to withdraw it’s job offers. However, to sweeten the blow, they did make a pay-off to each graduate of the whole first year’s salary in one go, which was nice!

Basically, don’t worry too much. In your situation I would call E&Y as soon as possible to make it clear you haven’t received anything and that you are still keen on the role. Your documents may have been lost in the post, may have been overlooked through staff incompetence or it might be that the firm have just been too busy to send anything out recently.

Most likely though, E&Y just haven’t gotten round to sending out offer letters because right now is the busiest time of year for graduate recruiters in the city. They’re probably half way through making phone offers and once they’ve done this, they’ll send out all the written letters, etc.

Don’t worry about being squeezed out. E&Y want YOU! - that’s why they gave you an offer! In any case they would probably call to check why you hadn’t returned your forms before they offered the job to someone else.

As I said before, give them a call tomorrow and clarify the situation but you definitely don’t need to stress too much :slight_smile:

Let me know what happens!



I think it’s OK. It’s not great show of them to delay sending stuff out;maybe it was lost in the post?

Give EY a ring and see where they’re up to. It is very much in their interests to get the offer letter out to you ASAP so that they can fill the post officially.


I am in the same situation. I attended my AC with Ey on 26 March. And i received a call from the manager that I was made an offer. I was told that i would receive emails from HR. But until now, i have not received anything, no emails no post. :confused:


Many thanks guys! a great relief… just contacted them today and was told I should receive the offer letter within five days

Thanks again!


I got the email from HR three working days after being informed by the interviewing manager. don’t worry too much. you might just get it tomorrow :slight_smile: