Verbal/'logical' reasoning tests


Hi everyone,

I have a question about the verbal/logical reasoning tests used by professional service firms. I have taken a few of them now and cannot seem to improve my score, despite practising for them before hand. My practice for the numerical reasoning tests is paying off, but when it comes to the verbal reasoning tests, things aren’t so good and I can’t work out how to improve.

I strongly suspect that this problem arises from the ambiguity of verbal reasoning tests and the fact that they are portrayed as logical reasoning, when they have little to do with logic. Since both my BSc and MSc involved formal and informal logic, I cannot get out of the habit of thinking in a way which results in me too often clicking on the ‘cannot tell’ option, when the test really wants me to make a non-logical inference. Or, in an attempt to second guess the test, I incorrectly click on a true or false option, when the test actually wanted me to stay with my reasoning and click ‘cannot tell’.

Any help with overcoming this problem would be greatly appreciated. At the moment it feels like I’m throwing hours and hours of application time away in the game of chance that is verbal reasoning.