Vantis/Business Recovery Position


Hi guys,

I have an interview on wednesday for Pass training. I originally applied to Vantis directly and they have passed my application onto pass training to interview me. In the email I received about the interview it states that I need to know lots about insolvency and JIEB qualification, as I am applying for a Business Recovery position.

Also the tests on the day will be numerical sequences and numerical reasoning (no calculators allowed)

If anyone has any help or advice on any of the above either with this company or just in general, it would be much appreciated!!!


Lol same for me - see you tomorrow! What office are you looking to work in?? Did you get the impression you should know loads about JIEB/insolvency? I got the impression that I should know a little about it but I’d be surprised if they wanted any kind of technical details.



HI guys

I have an interview with pass this coming monday. I would greatly appreciate if you share your experience with regards to the maths test involved.



yes i can think sharing my experience may be useful for you. I did not pass the maths test, as I was too slow and therefore did not get enough answers. It is not very difficult…simple addition, times , divide etc but also maths such as addition, sub , times etc of fractions, decimals…you should practice well beforehand so that you can do them as accurately and as quickly as possible!

good luck, the interviewer is really nice so I’m sure you will be fine :slight_smile:


HI Nisdwel

Sorry about your rejection :(, but keep the faith up!
Thanks for sharing your experience, could you tell me if you did a sequence maths test aswell? I have to take two tests… How long was the normal maths test?



thanks every interview is an experience so will just put it down to that!

yes there was a number sequences test as well, normal maths test was in three sections( can’t remeber how many questions exactly) maybe around 30 altogether and the number sequences one was 20 i think (but that is also a guess)

good Luck :slight_smile:


did anyone get through the pass training telephone interview and the face to face one in london to get through to the next stage? what is the interview and assessment day like if anyone is willing to share their experience?


hey just wondering if anyone can offer any feedback on the telephone interview for pass recruiment? would be alot of help



I had the PASS face-to-face interview last month but didnt get through to the next stage because of the standard I achieved in the maths test.
The interview is fairly informal and the questions are quite straight forward but not the usual competency questions you might be used to. I think a lot of them weren’t planned and were in response to the things I was talking about. He asked a few hypothetical questions about how you would deal with tricky situations etc.
The three tests were:
Letter writing (in response to a situation)
Numerical sequences - multiple choice, negative marking (do a couple of examples - arithmatic, geometric and patterns?? - These are quite unusual and I couldn’t really get many examples for these but theyre easy - things like 16 61 89 98 52 25 65 ?
I thought I did well in the maths but only completed 18/20 questions which was apparently normal - 5 mins to complete so no more than 20 secs per question, starting off really easy, getting progressively harder.
Fractions, decimals and integers (multiplication, division and addition of)
This is also negatively marked and multiple choice. If I were you I wouldnt read the answers first because you start doubting yourself and end up taking too much time.
The guy is really nice and puts you at ease straight away.
I read up all about the company and the recent dealings but this knowledge would only have been useful in the next stage interview (probably with a partner).
So just practice the three tests and turn up with a clear head and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Sorry you didn’t get through. Thank you so much for this insight, but this was the face-to- face interview you had with pass recruitment. I’ve got my telephone interview coming up and needed some help with that?..Cheerz!


Hi everyone…has anyone had the new SwatUK (formerly Pass) interview in the London office. I have mines next friday and was wondering if someone could give me some tips. Thanks.