Vantis -assessment day


Just got through the first round interview. Does anyone have any experience with their assessment days?


i have an initial interview with vantis for ACA to start august/sept 09 next week. i did my PASS interview a couple of weeks ago. what format did your interview take? was it skills and motivations based or situational or expansion/explanation of your application? i get the impression that it’ll be a rerun of the PASS interview but not too sure!

does anybody on the current ACA training programme with vantis remember their exact start date in august/sept? looking to book a holiday for the end of summer!


Hi there,

I had my interview with Vantis, the second one after the PASS one. Yes it is pretty much a standard interview. Very liek the first one, possibly not even as in depth. a feew questions on how you cope with team work, stressful situations, how you organise your work etc. I didn’t see the point of it to be honest. Mine was on the telephone and she asked the same things. What is the point of having the PASS one if they’re just going to ask the same things again with a different person. She wasn’t even someone in the department, it was just another HR person reading off a sheet i think.


thanks for your help zaza, i’ll be doing mine over the phone too. i agree it does seem rather pointless but maybe it’s just a procedural thing the company have. thanks again and good luck with the assessment day!


Hey there, can anyone tell me about the format of the pass interview? thanks guys


Hey Everyone,

I have an ACCA assesment day comming up. I was wondering if anyone has attended one and if so if they could give any advice on:

Group Task
Verbal (Letter Writing Test) & Numerical Test

Thanks alot. Any help is appreciated.


hey everyone!

i got a telephone interview coming for Business Recovery service for Vantis. Was wondering if anyone had one before and what sort of questions do they ask and what do they assess?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

thank you so much!!



i have a telephone interview on monday for business recovery service at vantis and wanted to know what sort of questions they ask and what the numerical test on the phone consists of?



Are you sure you want to work for Vantis? Vantis accountants seem to have been in news a lot recently.


i understand that but jobs are very hard to come by i’d rather try



I have a first round telephone interview with Pass Training coming up for a business recovery placement with Vantis.

Does anyone know what type of numerical questions they ask?

Any help would be much appreciated.



vinny, is your pass interview on the phone? also curious to know what numerical questions they could ask…and spelling, strange one.



I know, unusual for a telephone interview… any ideas?


Hey Guys, I have also a telephone interview coming up and curious to know what kind of questions and numerical questions they will be asking. Hope you can help.

Thank you.


I’ve got the same interview coming up. Interested to hear about anyone’s experience with Pass recruitment regardless of the firm they were eventually placed in.



Hi everyone,

I see some of you have had their telephone interviews and hope they went well. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your experiences, I would be very grateful.

Thank you all


the interview is quite odd over the phone. definetely the most unproffesional one ive had so far and trust me when i say i have done tonnes. make sure u read up on ur company and have a brief review of what u wrote on the application.

Spelling wise u get 6 words and have to spell them all. some are tricky others seem very simple but it depends really how lucky u get. I had to spell committee

maths is trickier again u get 6 to asnwer and he tells them to you one at a go. 3 sequences, division, fraction

Besides that if anyone has done the second interview (first face to face one ) can u please tell me how it went


cheers for that, I’m still waiting for a response because I’ve been put on hold for 3 weeks!..good luck with the 2nd interview, wish I could help but ur a step ahead of me. Unfortunately not even TSR has got threads on Vantis


Thanks for that Amy.

Is there anyone who has had the face to face interview, if so what do they ask, is it competency based.