Useful Extra Commitments for Investment Banking


I was reading that there are many extra-curricular programmes as well as sports etc. that are useful when looking to embark on a career in investment banking. Are there any favourable ones for example in the Young Enterprise scheme, are there any useful courses that I should look at doing. What do investment banks really look for other than just academic grades and is the job offer primarily based on academic grades.


Hey, I read this on the main WikiJob site - hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:

Extra-curricular activities are often used to distinguish the ‘better’ candidates as they have demonstrated initiative and motivation to take part in activities other than just studies. Young Enterprise is a good experience to portray your ‘entrepreneurial’ skills. Investments on the stock market are also a good demonstration of your knowledge and interest in the field.

Any clubs/societies that you feel should be mentioned should also be included in your application. They can represent a different variety of things, and if you were the founder/president/chairman of a society then this definitely should be mentioned. If you participate in any sport this is certainly worth mentioning as it demonstrates high energy levels, motivation and potentially, success.