US firms TC



Hi I always read about US Elite firms comparing with the MC on forums or articles… the recurrent names would be Skadden, Cleary, Weil, Latham, Shearman, Sullivan etc. Training in either of these firms would undoubtedly look great on your CV.

However, what about the rest of the US firms in London? I mean I targeted many of them (if not all) in my applications because I thought training in any of the US firms would be a great platform for a future international career in law. So what would you compare the rest of the US firm with? Medium size international city firms?

My next question is whether training in any of the US firms london office which are not part of the Elite circle will hinder ones move on qualification to other prestigious firms -assuming one is not taken on qualification? For instance, if someone trains at Skadden etc, he/she might be able to move to the MC circle but if you train in another US firm, are you restricted to move to other US firms only on qualification and/or perhaps medium size city firms?



Not too sure about American firms… the american firms you’re talking about probably could be compared to medium size uk ones.

Your training doesn’t restrict you like that. Training is restrictive in that, if you trained with a firm who specialise in a particular area, or areas, and then want to transfer to a firm who specialise in other areas of the law, then you wouldn’t have the particular expertise required by the firm.

If you are a good solicitor, with great references and specialist knowledge and experience in a certain area a firm feels would be benefitial for them to have, then you’ll get hired. Be it by magic cirlcle firm, or mid-size firm.