Urgent-- PWC management consulting first stage interview


I have a phone interview tomorrow late evening for management consulting & was wondering if any one could kindly give some cues (on this forum or private message me, whichever you prefer) onto what questions were set up for the grilling? I am told they stress on keeping it an enjoyable experience. I could not find any posts on this forum about PWC management consulting interview for the first stage as most deal with audit, assurance and tax. I gather there is plenty on Deloitte consulting but not any experiences on PWC consulting. How long was the interview itself? any advice in general would be much appreciated.


Hi cka,
how did your interview go…?
Could you share your experience & questions asked.?? Also, any idea on how many grads do they take in mgmt consulting Vs in strategy consulting?



which division in management consulting did you apply for?
I consider applying for their economics consulting but not sure what is their intake for 2010…
unable to find any source of information on this…

how did your interview go? was it competency-based?

good luck!


can anyone tell me how long after submitting the app do you receive the online testing invite?

do they send the online tests to all candidates or is it the next screening stage?



Hey, I received the online tests fairly rapidly - submitted Friday evening & received them Monday morning.
I’m pretty sure they are the next screening stage though and it just has a quick turnaround.
Cka do you have any feedback from your interview as I have mine coming up this weekend?


@ cka, after the phone interview, then it will be the basic assessment. Is the basic assessment the final stage?

What is important at the basic assessment? Those who applied for assurance and tax emphasised on the financial industry n accountancy industry. Is this important for us who are applying for management consultancy? How much commercial knowledge am I expected to have? Is frequent update of business news sufficient?

How does the fit interview goes?