Urgent PwC Interview Question


I have a first interview soon and have prepared good answers to all the suggested questions but would like on a few questions such as “What firms do you think PwC should NOT engage with?”. Also besides the credit crunch, sox and ifrs, what has affected PwC and the accounting industry recently? Finally how does PwC affect the accounting industry at large - what have they done that sets them apart?

Any help would be great, thanks.


Some thoughts:-

  • Huntingdon life sciences

  • opinion shopping

  • history of litigation against professional advisers

  • poor risk v. value of fees

  • conflict of interests

  • contingent fee basis

  • poor recovery of fees / large receivables balance

  • kpmg offer to partners and staff of reduced hours

  • e&y’s merger of its european, indian, african network firms

  • islamic finance

  • green agenda

  • administration of lehman brothers bankruptcy

  • acquisition of bearing point’s assets in the US

  • Satyam audit :slight_smile: