Urgent Info Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Hey everyone,

I am very happy to have the possibility to attend an telephone interview with GS.

I have applied to following position:
Division: Securities
Sub Division: Sales and Trading

However, I am going to have my Interview in the Principal Investment Product Group (part of the division: Securities).

Now, I would like to know what exactly the Team is doing? Is there anyone who has an idea about that?
Is it more Private Equity/ Merchant Banking / Sales and Trading / !?!?!?

I dont have any clue and would be very happy to know more about that.
Thanks & Best



it is me again. Unfortunately I am not able to change my post above :frowning:

Sorry for the mistake in my post above, but I mixed up the firms. I applied for a position in the Investment Banking M&A Division at Goldman Sachs and have been rejected as they sent already all the offers (got this info from a friend).

The questions above about the Principal Investment Product Group is a position at Morgan Stanley, which I applied for. Do you know anything about that?

Thanks for letting me know.