Urgent help required, Aptitude provider thinks I cheated?



I received an invitation to a second aptitude test, which was a breeze, I believe I solved at least 28-29 correct questions out of 30. The only issue is I got a notification from the test provider seconds after opening the first question that I navigated away from the test and the employer will be informed that I did. The issue is that I did not, I was simply reading the question, it happened too quick, on the very first question. I have not had the pop up again during the rest of the test. I have informed the employer of what happened just in case but I’ve still not received a response, What should I do now in case they think I cheated my way?


I think you’ve probably done all you can. You’ve let them know what happened (and anyone cheating would hardly do this) and they should have a record that the pop-up only triggered during the first question.

Chances are they will run further tests at the assessment centre in any case. I think you should be fine.