Urgent help needed top 4 job

Kingston Smith


I have recently graduated with a 1st class degree in mathematics and overall have very good academics…

this is my problem:

last year while i was in my final year of study i applied for KPMG and Deloitte and reached the final assessment stage for both firms but did not recieve an offer.
Now that i have graduated i have reached the assessment stage for pwc, kingston smith and pkf and yet i was still unsuccessful. i have an assessment centre for deloitte comming up again and for pwc as i can apply after 6 months. The question is what are the chances that i can secure a position at deloitte the second time round? last time i came very close…I passed the E-tray but failed the partner interview over a few stupid things.

Having said that I have no idea why i havent recieved an offer yet and i am very disheartned can people please share their experiences of when they were unsuccessful the first time but managed to get in the second time?

also are there any mechanisms in place for graduates to get some real advice or practise for interviews? or is there any one that can help me?



Hey asad1a1, sorry to hear that things haven’t worked out yet.

I can’t offer any experiences specifically in response to what you asked but did you phone them for feedback from the unsuccessful applications? That can be really helpful for knowing where to focus for next time.

As for real advice and interview practice - obviously these forums are a goldmine for real experiences that you can use as valuable advice (but remember to be objective), and your uni’s careers department I’m sure will offer interview practice and stuff.

Incidentally with KPMG I was twice offered a practice partner interview/presentation which from what I gather was mainly for partners to practice their interviewing techiniques but obviously also was a good opportunity to practice. I couldn’t get time off work for them though, and it was in Bristol… which is like 4/5 hours away.

Best of luck with everything


Sorry to hear about the unsuccessful interviews. I always thought it’s just a final formal step before receiving an offer. Anyway, could you please help me out a little bit - you write you failed the interview over a few stupid things - what were they? Thank you for your answer.


Its abit hard to explain i pass all the other aspects like the tests ect its just the last partner interview that does it… The questions are pretty standard and my answers are simillar to the first interview so i dont thing i said anything wrong the general feedback i get is my commercial awarness seems to be good i always fit in surbanes oxley and auditors independence in the convo but i think the problem is my communication skills i tend to speak abit fast when i get nervous but with time and experience i am more calm.

I was thinking i should give actuarial a go i have an interview with axa today. I am told there is less competition as it is more specialised what do you guys think?

Thank you for all your comments


dear asad
i sort of know the feeling.
I got to the assessment stage of kpmg and failed
and recently had what i thought was a really good first interview at deloitte but was told that i was unsuccessful.

just keep trying.

what uni did you go to???
because a first in maths is amazing.


I went Queen Mary…and I got two academic prizes also. But because I gat a C in english and KPMG changed the requirements I couldn’t apply to them this year even though i was promised to be fast tracked last year.

But suppose the only thing to do is keep trying i guess


I really appricaiate the comments guys and I think this thread will also be very useful for many other people who are in the same position im in.


You wont ever guesd what happend to me today in the email they give you a start and finish time for the interview i mistaken this for my start time luckily they understood and rearranged it for jan…Pm me i may be able to help



I hope your job search is going alot better now. I am in a very similiar position to you with a 1st in maths and failing my AC (namely AXA).

Going on that point about actuarial positions! TBH I think actuarial is more competitive because there are much lesser places compared to say audit.

How did your F2F interview go with AXA? I did very well at it about a month back and utterly screwed up my AC with them.


Dear asad1a1… sorry about your bad luck and congratulations on ur first…

in this current economic climate its all about your personality, luck and if the partner likes you…

I have a masters and professional qualifications (distinction), this has helped me get through the recruitment process, but after academics, it is left to the individual to make their personality shine through.

I have hustled my way into securing interviews at hedge funds based on this principle…

there is a large amount of information on interview practice on efinancial.careers (believe it or not youtube got some great videos from graduate recruiters on every industry)

just keep working on getting your passion and personality across and the job is yours.