(urgent) Heard anything about the City Internships Summer Program 2011 in London?


Has anyone heard anything about this program? I got a place on it and am wondering whether it’s worth going. And i’ve got to decide whether to accept the offer pretty soon. Basically, it’s £2500 for two months, with a 2-month internship, Lunch and travel expenses in London included etc etc

Just wondering whether this program is purely for commercial profit or do interns actually have a prospect of getting hired, and whether its a fun experience? Thanks guys! :slight_smile: urgent replies would really help!


was wondering if u enrolled in this program and how was it?


Hey, I just applied and got a place but would like to know what they are like and worth the money. My university are against them and telling us to withdraw our applications as it is not right to buy your way into a career. thanks


Speaking from experience don’t do it. I assume you mean by ‘got a place’ you mean have only handed over a deposit and not the full money. I applied and they said they will find me a place for them to only couple months later say they couldn’t find anything when I found plenty of places by sending out CVs and filling out applications. You are better off saving the money and finding work yourself. All you are paying them for is one of their recruiters to get in contact with one their contacts who they have networked with to see if they like your CV. You can do that yourself. Feel free to pm me if you want to know more.


If you or your family have £3000 to spare, then by all means - do it! This is not the time to be picky about opportunities. I would pay the deposit and work my ass of to secure an internship the traditional way. And if by the beginning of the summer, you’ve had the misfortune of not getting any offers; trust me, you’ll pay the fee gladly!

This place is the same as any other recruitment agency, its just that YOU pay a majority of the fee’s, rather than the employer; but its just simply a function of saturated supply and weak demand. And those that don’t get any offers are simply not “suitable for a role in the field that they wanted”. Remember, competition is still stiff, regardless of the very high fee.


Thank you for this. It has made up my mind. As you say its not the time to be picky! I am not fussy about what kind of work experience I get as long as I get something within the accountancy and finance sector. Paying the £3000 is an investment in my career and will increase my employability, and therefore is worth it. My main concern was that they were a scam company…and that my university is against them.


Don’t worry about your university, most educators are socialists! They are a legitimate recruitment company and I’d be sure that you’ll only be expected to pay the full fees after you interview with a company and get an offer directly from the company.


Thanks again :slight_smile: And yeah I mean why is it so bad to pay for a valuable work experience placement…we pay to go to university so why not pay an employer to take us on. It shows that we are more committed and determined to work hard if we are to pay. On their website they said they would repay the deposit back to us if we don’t get an offer which means there is nothing to lose. I really hope it works out!


very true! who’s to say that paying £27000+ for a university degree is any more reasonable than paying a fraction of that amount to potentially kickstart your career!

Good luck with everything!


Yeah Universities should keep there opinions to themselves, we are older enough to make our own decisions! They have no right to tell us to withdraw our applications They are just being hypocrites themselves for charging that amount to go to uni.
Thank you! Hope all goes well for you to :slight_smile:


Anyone got any news for the London 2013 summer program??


Anyone got any news for the London 2013 summer program??


Hi, has anyone had any responses to the 2014 London program? I have just awaiting the result of another graduate scheme I have applied for and was wondering whether it is worth pursuing or not? is there anyone on here that has done the internships and can tell me about their experience and how successful they where in getting recruited? cheers


Don’t bother paying anyone for something that with a little time and effort you can get for free. I realised this a little too late and had to do the summer internship programme but in my opinion basically didn’t get much out of it that I wouldn’t have otherwise have gotten except for a group of fellow interns to share a summer. Definitely going to be looking for my own internship this summer.