Urgent: Has anyone done the RBS wealth Management assessment center? If not then what about Assessment Center for any position?



Has anyone been fortunate enough to get into the Assessment centre for RBS wealth management. What was your experience and what questions/ situations did you have to face?

If no one has been to the RBS wealth management then was anyone there at an assessment center by RBS?

Thanks a lot and look forwards to some great pointers from the experts here.

John Maple


Hello, I’ve applied and been invited to do a competency test. What process did you go through to get to the AC?

If you’ve had it, what was it like?


Hello John,

Did you go through the test ? How was it like ? And where there any competency based interviews post that? I have an interview in 2 days, kindly help me with some tips / points if you have attended an assessment or interview .