Urgent : goldman sachs or google? help needed

Goldman Sachs

Sincerely appreciate any advice on my dilemma (at the risk of sounding conceited)

I have the following offers and need to choose between them, please keep in mind that I am a Computer Engineering undergraduate in London, interned at Rabobank (Dutch IB in IT Infrastructure) last year and am open to anything in terms of career path.

(1) Goldman Sachs - Business Analyst Intern in their London client facing team for 10 weeks

(2) Google - Software Engineering Intern in their Zurich IT Field team for minimum of 3 months

In terms of package and benefits they both pay the same, taking into account I must relocate for Google.

Thanks heaps!


Congrats on the offers! They’re both pretty good! Goldman Sachs and Google both have great reputations as places to work so you’ll probably be fine wherever you go but a stint in Goldman Sachs definitely makes your CV stand out regardless of whatever industry you eventually decide to work in… There’s a lot of “prestige” attached to the Goldman Sachs brand…


Depends what you want to do.

I don’t exactly agree with jungle_boogie’s comments – I don’t know how much prestige there’s attached to GS brand on your CV when you are from the front office, but not much if you work in back office like operations or IT.

That’s not to say it’s bad, just a clarification.

Also note that a business analyst generally meets whoever is to use some future system and based on the meetings writes documents like requirements documents, etc., and tracks the process from that side. It’s less technical and focused a lot more on doing these documents (meeting people isn’t actually that much of the time) and other non-technical things around a software project. I am not sure what the ‘client-facing’ bit means, but I would guess it means other internal teams within GS who are ‘clients’ of the back-office development team(s).I am by no means certain about that, though.

With Google, you would be doing much more technical work, mostly like coding something.

So it depends a lot on what kind of work you want to do.

In addition, consider what the full time job prospects are. Goldman’s will have a pipeline to offer some interns full-time roles at the end of the internship, though it’s not really reliably obtainable what the ratio is. Google I don’t know – worth for you checking it out, i.e. specifically if their grad recruitement is separate from the internships or not.


Front or back office, the GS brand definitely makes your CV stand out. Sometimes, people don’t even care what you did at GS - just that you work/worked at GS.

Tech-wise though, Google is a very strong brand and comes across at having a fantastic environment to work in so I honestly wouldn’t know which to choose! (I think it’s the office slides that got to me…lol)

I agree with the above comments on the nature of the work - a BA role is less technical and focusses a lot more on “softer skills” whereas I imagine a role at Gogole to be more technical, so yeah, it really depends on which one you’d enjoy.


Thank you for your input guys. But all your responses are telling me to consider what I career path I want to follow. That is a problem for me. I don’t know what I want to do and yet I want to do everything. How do I soulsearch and find my true path?

PS: If I go to GS I might consider moving postions to a trader somewhere along the line


It’s for an internship, so it’s not life and death if it does not work out.

If you want criteria not dependent on what you want to do, then consider what I already said above:

  1. What are the chances of converting to full time offer at the end of internship
  2. Do you mind longer hours – I imagine Google would be slightly more leisurely, though technology at a bank isn’t that intense either.

Ideally for most of these try to Google evidence up, as especially a bank will tell you all kinds of sweet stories BEFORE you are in.

Otherwise, you can’t decide this just by reading peoples posts on this forum. Ideally get hold of someone working at each of the places (i.e. not HR, but e.g. for Goldman’s someone from the team you would be working in) and ask concrete questions like “What did your yesterday look like?”, whatever, to get a feel of what you would actually be doing. However, ask neutral information questions, i.e. not stuff like “Do you enjoy this”, etc.

Also, re your PS – unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely that you could do that, but not impossible. Most banks have front and back office strictly separated (with middle office appropriately somewhere inbetween those 2) and back office has typically truckloads of people who want to be in front office, e.g. sales or trading. 99% of the time this does not materialize.

If you would want to do trading, you would have to start working on that goal right now. But given you don’t have a clear view of what you want to do, if you do decide to go that way, you have to do massive investigation if it’s right for you. It would be a career choice, so whatever you decide, don’t just sit there and write on forums, try to gather up as much concrete evidence as you can to support your decision.

Hope that helps.


If the GS offer is FO, then take it

If it’s BO, then take Google