Urgent - Etray exercise please


I ahve my etray exercise tommorow, i am confused with the method i should take in rackling the test

Gernally on this forum peaople say take 10 minutes to familarise ourselves with the material. Does this mean we are to read ALL the articles and materal in the folder.

And i am not clear what the most and least headings mean from the faststram example? Least as in what we will definatly not do.

Any one with experience please help


Can’t really help you on this but I know there’s a practice test, [http://jobtestprep.co.uk/jobtestprep/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=385&CategoryID=80&affiliateid=10107 here.]


please neone lol

im aware of the example on wikijob, but im not sure how to tackle it

what is necessary7 to read before stsarting the questions


…I’d read everything before starting the test… so yes. All the material. Anyone else ahve any ideas?