Urgent application help


I am applying for a legal role in a bank and I dont know how to answer why i am suited to the role to which i have applied.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


um…well, research the role. and most company sites state what they are looking for. eg db ask for excellent research and analytical skills, ability to look at problems from an unconventional viewpoint, superb communication skills, knowledge of local markets and a second language is useful.

But applying for a role you know nothing about might not work to your advantage. during the interviews you will be quizzed on why you want to to work in that role a fair amount. and once you enter it, you may find you hate it!!!

I’m not sure if you were asking on how to write the answer rather than what to include, so apologies if i come across as rude!


Not to worry I don’t think I explained myself very well .I m not sure whether it is just ok to list all the skills i have that make me suitable , i think it might be better to name the key ones and quantify them with examples of how i have gained these skills but as there is a short word limit i’m worried that i am not covering the key ones.


ah ok, i’d take the latter suggestion rather than list them. maybe take 3 important ones!