Urgent Advice: What is working in Tax like?


Hey guys,

I recently had to change my application for one of the Big 4 firms, and Tax was the best option left open for me. However, I have an Assessment Centre on Wednesday and my knowledge on the Tax area is not as good as it should be. While I’m trying to research myself, I’ve seen that people on this forum are extremely helpful so I’m going to post my questions to see if anyone can help me. I’ve had a long look in this forum and there’s a lot more advice on audit than tax so I hope I’m not making anyone repeat themselves.

Anyway, these are my main questions.

  • What is working in Tax like? What sort of qualities does Tax require?

  • I’ve applied for Company Tax what does Company Tax partake, & what do you think are the differences between Company and People Services?

  • What should I expect to undertake in my 1st year in Tax?

  • Where should I be in 5 years time?

  • What are the current issues facing Tax?

If anyone has any other advice to offer, about Tax or the Assessment Centre, feel free to contribute.

Many Thanks


I am in a very similar situation, so I can only second the call for help in these areas! It’s extremely frustrating trying to educate yourself on these tax issues/questions, there doesn’t seem to be much information and I feel like I’m going to be somewhat unprepared when the interview comes around.




Messidona how was your interview? I have a tax interview at PWC in a few weeks and am feeling very unprepared!!


sorry mate - I got the chance to change back to my first choice of department so never got round to having a Tax interview.

Some advice in general:

Make sure you’re up to date on current affairs (BBC website etc)

Know what the role entails - PWC website is helpful as well as the wikijob article on PWC

Just be confident and have a few examples for the main competencies

Don’t be scared - you’ve got plenty of time to prepare