Urgent advice needed mistake

The Graduate

I have a major problem. I have been offered a job and was going through the motions of entering reference details after accepting it. But I noticed that one of my past employment dates was wrong. I accidentally entered 2002 instead of 2003 for the start date. So it look as though I started working before my GCSE’s, this job isn’t what I am using as a reference. It’s a Saturday and HR is closed, so I can’t contact them. I’ve sent them an e-mail explaining the situation today. But I am really worried they either

a) think I lied in my original and will withdraw the offer, or
b) made an error and so will withdraw the offer anyway…

I am so worried what with the graduate recruitment the way it is. It was an honest mistake and they have yet to do the background check… what do you think will happen? I am so worried.


I know the feeling - when I applied to PwC last year I put “PWC” instead of “PwC” and feared they would reject my application because of this - I always fear that any trivial mistake is enough to warrant a rejection :0 However, I explained the mistake to human resources and they said far worse mistakes have been made on application forms, and not to worry! It sounds as if you have also made a genuine mistake, and besides, it’s not like having started the job you mention a year earlier would make your application any stronger, and therefore human resources will hopefully believe that you were not “cheating” in any way. I think if you had put “60%” or “2.1” for a degree result as opposed to “50%” or “2.2” then you would have more to worry about given that if you don’t meet the academic criteria your application rejected from the outset - this is where people may be inclined to actually lie to get past the first hurdle of the human resources team - and therefore, probably much more serious than the difference between having selected 2002 and not 2003.

Ultimately, we are mere humans and mistakes do get made - try not to lose sleep & best of luck with the application :smiley:


Ironically, I see I’ve made a couple of mistakes in my above post!!


thanks for the reply, it’s given me some reassurance…it was an honest mistake, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it when I was proof-reading it so many times before I sent it and when all throughout the application process. I too hope they think that it is a genuine mistake and they’ll accept my explanation. I’m going to call the recruitment tomorrow morning and speak to them in person as well to try and get this cleared up as soon as possible. I am praying they consider it to be not too big a deal, because if they think otherwise I don’t think I could bring myself to through another application process. It’s just so time-consuming and the amount of effort needed is so much.


I wouldnt worry about it. I managed to spell my name wrong on my application form (idiot I know) and there was no way to change and correct it. I still got the job, with them knowing about the sp mistake!


I should think it will be fine! :slight_smile: