Unsuccessful with HMRC Tax Programme - asked to pursue application for call centre!


There’s no subtly about it.

Last November I applied for the HMRC Tax Professional Development Programme. I was told back in Jan/Feb that all places had been filled with higher quality candidates (I had got used to rejections by then so wasnt too upset). Anyway, to my utter disbelief, I was emailed by their ‘Workforce Management Programme’ today and asked if I want to apply to work in their call centre (with a £17k salary). The absolute cheek of it! I felt so insulted by this I was compelled to post on WJ (I have accepted a job with a Top 10 accountancy firm since, so I am not bitter or angry).

Has anyone else received this email? Maybe this is widespread across organisations, but this is certainly the first time my 20+ years in education has been insulted like this. I believe it is extremely unprofessional to even consider asking graduate applicants to work in call centres. This is really stooping to the standards of unpaid internships and reflects badly on HMRC. Does anyone else share the same view? I wanted to publicise this just to flag this kind of behaviour (note I am not the industry watchdog).

HMRC, if you are reading this then shame on you.