Very disappointed and sad, had been waiting for the interview for almost 6 months as recruitment was on hold so recruiters put the job on hold, later on had another phone interview then got invited for senior manager interview (competency based) which went really well and finally reached partner interview stage. Partner interview was on Skype and recruiters mentioned he would like to have video interview which he denied later on the day and requested to proceed with voice chat only !!
after a week of waiting recruiter mentioned partner didn’t want to pursue my profile further… !!
I applied for Assistant manager role in Risk Advisory and my field experience of over 5 years was closely matching the job requirements and department I applied for…

Should i consider re-applying ?


First of all bad luck. Sounds like you didn’t have the best experience. We’ll all have something like this happen over a career so try not to dwell on it. Certainly you can reapply, it’s a huge organisation and if you have the right skills you may land a role if the process works smoothly.