Unsuccesful at Deloitte partner interview


Quite disappointed as I was sure it went well. Very frustrating to be so close and then fail at the stage which, I was told, is effectively a formality. Ah well.

If I were to reapply next intake year would my application be harmed by this unsuccessful one? Would I have to retake the online tests?

Happy to answer any questions on prior stages, this forum was a great help to me.


i am going to have the partner interview tomorrow, do you get the feedback why failed?


Hi there, I think you did excellent getting that far and as hard as it is taking that blow you should remember that you were very close and this should give you confidence for the next try. I don’t think it will negatively affect your future applications at all but I think you will need to re-take the online tests unfortunately!! :frowning: What tips would you give me for the numerical reasoning test? Im shiting myself, the furthest I got was to the etray assessment last year and I failed that one. If you could also give a good tip for that I’d really appreciate it. Sorry to hear about your news but I really think you did fantastically well. Better luck next time and try to learn from what the partner may have not liked?



Hey, how did that interview go? Did you get the results? Hope you got the offer!!!


“If I were to reapply next intake year would my application be harmed by this unsuccessful one? Would I have to retake the online tests?”

I believe you do have to give it a cool off period (as you mentioned, it’s usually a year) but it shouldn’t affect your application. I have personally been there myself, I made it to the partner interview of a firm I really wanted to work for (top 20) and I too made the rookie mistake of assuming partner interview was a formality. Once the interview started I quickly realised that I was pathetically unprepared and just felt awful after the interview. I felt even worse when I actually received the rejection letter (didn’t leave the house for a week).

I applied again 10 months later as soon as the intake opened up (I did have to do all the tests and AC again). Once again made it to the partner interview (even had the same partner as before) and this time I was able to put my heart and soul in the interview (it was still a really difficult/stressful interview, perhaps the hardest one I’ve ever done). In the end I was actually accepted.

If you truly want to work for Deloitte then don’t give up! Honestly I think I considered not reapplying again so many times but ultimately I’m so glad I did, as I’m really happy now. If I can give one piece of advice it would be to be honest that you’ve applied before. I personally didn’t bring it up in my second competency interview and I got what can be best described as a ‘light telling-off’ phone call before my partner interview that I should’ve offered full disclosure from the beginning. They found out when they tried to book my personality test and found that I had been entered in before. The partner also mentioned this after my partner interview was over.

Best of luck, hope it all works out for you.