Unregistered employment


Greetings everybody!
I have a situation here and I need your advice…

I am from a East-Europe country. I have been working 2 years for a company unregistered - they payed me with cash. Back then I didn’t realize how important actually is to do everything legally :frowning:
Now, I live in London, I wrote on my CV this 2 years work experience as employment because I never thought anybody will care about non-UK experience. I’ve been to an interview and afterwards I got an offer, which I accepted.
Because it is a big company, after that they asked for my previous work confirmation (contract, bank statement, payslips). Of course I can’t provide any of these :frowning: I asked from my previous employer (from my country) and he gave me a signed written confirmation that I have worked for him, but I think this won’t be enough.
I really want this job, I have all the qualifications for it and I got the offer after passing and assignment, not because of my previous “work experience”. So I dont know how to react :frowning: can you guys advice me something ? what should I do ?
and, in general, for the future, how do you present such work experience (unregistered) in you CV ?

thank you very much