University of Nottingham



i am looking into doing an MSc in occupational psychology at nottingham…i am a bit anxious because am an Aston girl (but their fees are just toooo expensive for me right now!) and not really familar with Nottingham ( the place AND the uni) so really am just tryna do as much research as i can… nottingham students out there, your opinions would really be appreciated!!!



I haven’t personally studied in Nottingham but I work with many people who have and they have nothing but good words to say about the University. It has a fabulous reputation both academically and socially so it’s well worth taking the time to get out and about when you get there to meet people. I believe there is a bit of an accommodation squeeze but this may have been rectified in the last few years so spending a bit more time getting the correct flat / flatmates may be in order!
On the whole however I have heard very good things and it is a real social hub that attracts people from all around the country. Enjoy!


Oooh I love Nottingham! I didn’t study there but a lot of my friends did and they really recommend it. I must add that they really speak highly of the social side which may not be the actual side of it that the employers are interested in but it’s important if you ask me :-p
Jokes aside those that have come out of Nottingham seem to be very well educated and well rounded and many have obtained good work experience which shows that something is working there somehow.
I would certainly recommend it from what I’ve seen!