university location and graduate programmes


Hi guys,
I have not been in this sort of situation yet.

do you know, how the students/graudates of universities outside london make it for graduate programmes?
let’s say, i am studying at Reading university and i have made my applications to several of audit comps. and now, should i come to london to go through the selection processes or they do it at their reading offices?
do all of the students have to come to london to do the interview, assessment days etc.


Not sure if this is answering your question or not, but I applied to the Leeds office and both my interview and assessment day were at the Leeds office.

There were some people on my assessment day who had applied to other offices in the North - so it might be a slightly different set up around London.



Depends on what firm/company you apply to. Most of them will have the interviews and assessment day in the area/office you apply to. Others, like Ernst and Young, seem to only have their Tax assessment days in London.