University Courses for Investment Banking/Finance


Hi, I was wondering whether anybody could give me some advice on what university courses would be a good choice in order to go on to work in investment banking?
Im aiming to gain an A in Economics, A in Business Studies, B in Policitcs and B in English Lit (4 A Levels) and looking to study something which has relevance to economics.
So far im looking at Government and Economics at LSE, PPE or Business Economics at Durham, PPE or Economics, Politics and Inernational studies at Warwick.
Any other ideas for courses or universities or help would be much appreciated.


I reckon that’s pretty good already! Sounds like you’re on the right track!

When you get to uni make sure you try and get an internship or some work experience - it will really help you.


Good to know :), and hopefully im trying to get a few weeks at JP Morgan this summer, I did 2 weeks at PwC head office last summer which i reallyt enjoyed. Im hoping if i can make a good impression this summer when I start at Uni i might be able to get a full summer internship.
Do you think its worth doing the extension paper in my A Levels aswell as my normal exam for something a bit more on my CV?


In my opinion, yes. Generally speaking, recruiters for competitive positions are looking for people who push themselves to the limit, both academically and extra-curricular wise. If there’s an option to do something, you should take it.

The reasoning behind this, from my experience in the city, is that it is these people who succeed in these firms - where opportunities to excel oneself and presented and you have to work to take advantage and succeed.


Hey there, from my experience, there are 3 types of degrees you see in banking…

  1. Economics / Management: directly relevant, learn relevant modules
  2. Engineering / Maths / Physics etc: not directly relevant obviously but banks value the logical structured thinking grads learn to solve problems in these kind of numerically driven disclipines - there is a real concentration of guys from these types of courses in Corporate Finance / Strat Consulting etc
  3. All other!

Echoing what Chris has said, YES definitely doing an internship will hugely advance your chances of getting a full time grad job! Also, if you perform well, you’re likely to get a full time job offer upon graduation whuch is a huge plus!


If you do the relevant and not so relevant courses at TOP 5 Uni then you are the direct target.

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I studied at LSE but I am one of the few who did not go into IB. LSE seems to nurture an IB culture with their degrees and to some extent the societies they have.


You will have a hard time getting into a top Economics or even PPE program without Maths A-levels. Although it’s not explicitly mentioned on the websites, a certain aptitude in Mathematics is necessary.


I agree with Londonbloke. You need to go to one of the target unis listed above. Its the best way. I would also add UCL. And work both summers, internships. You need expereince on your CV these days, unless you are top of the class then perhaps not so much.


If you have the grades don’t bother taking any chances; go to either oxbridge, LSE, or Imperial
Every other university is 10 steps behind