UNIQLO Manager candidate program


Hi all,

Has anybody been to the 1st round of recruitment for the manager candidate program with Uniqlo? Does any body know if it is question based or more like group activity/presentation?


the first round interview is questions-based, quite general. I didn’t get through that round when I applied two years ago, but a couple of my friends did and they got to the final stage where they were flown to Tokyo for a week. They did not a have a good time. Uniqlo basically used them as free labour and had them work long hours in the office and shop during the assessment. In the end they gave the positions to students from Russia, China and Korea, even though both of my friends had extensive retail experience and spoke good Japanese.


Hi Benjii07,

Have you had your 1st round interview yet? Any tips/recommendations?


Hi ekkeds,

Apparently the first round interview is different for different people :\ for mine we had to do group work and then a presentation. We had to act as managers and were given a scenario on how to improve a store then feedback to the recruiters. There was a girl in the group who already had a first round interview and it was questions based. Hope this helps


Hi Benji707,

Thanks for all the advice! It’s really good to gain some insight into the interview process. How did the first round go for you? Did you get through to the next stage?

All the best :slight_smile: