Hi Gabi

I did the tests for Unilever’s Future Leaders grad scheme (supply chain) a few weeks ago and, having heard nothing, I checked my account today. It says the status of my application is ‘Telephone Interview’…but then states that I am currently unable to select any slots!!

I’m quite worried - is there a chance that I missed the ‘deadline’ to select a slot? I didn’t receive an email or phone call telling me I had passed to the telephone interview stage. Looking at the other posts suggests that other people have been able to select slots and have already done interviews. :frowning:


Hi Demola,
Sorry I’m replying so late. Did you eventually see the link to the NRT? It should have just shown up. Hope it went well.


hey gabi

thank you for your response. sorry for my late reply. may i ask…did you talk much on unilevers competitive advantage? as ive researched quite abit especially on thier innovation, but i would imagine they do not allow you to talk much about it?


hey nasier

i reckon u should give em a ring or email and ask them



Hi all

It has been over one week since I submitted my application, and my Unilever account status remains under review. How long have you guys waited for the online test after application? I am a little worried now. Thx!



Heya angela

I just checked my email account it took them 1 week and 1 day for them to get back to me, I was getting pretty worried aswell.



Hi guys!
Can anyone please share recent experience of Assessment Centre? Does Unilever have Intray exercise in final selection stage?
Many thanks!


I just had my interview today, it’s exactly 45 mins, I was asked questions about innovation, customers, making quick decisions, 3 leadership questions focusing on the plan, actions taken, showing your leadership qualities respectively.

Also why marketing, why Unilever, which area in marketing do you want to do most, what research have you done on Unilever, how marketing role in Unilever interact with other roles in Unilever and why do you want to be a leader.
I was told I will get an email within two weeks if I success

Hope this helps, good luck guys


As agreed with Avalqz above I found the exact same questions this morning. just make sure you’ve got 2/3 examples of each of the leadership behaviours and a good answer as to why unilever.

Has anyone been invited for an assessment centre for UK marketing/customer development for 2013 scheme?

Good luck everyone


Hey I just completed my application form for the UFLP Malaysia and I submitted it last night. I read over my application form again today, and I found 1 spelling mistake and a typo, I was pretty devastated because I knew it might ruin my chances of getting through the first round! Does anyone here know do I stand a chance of getting through? :frowning:


Hi Adeline

Relaaaxx. It is just a typo. Everyone makes mistakes and it doesnt mean you do not have a chance for the next round. You still do.

chill out



People who have had the telephone interview already: When asked the competency questions did you talk about new examples of work experience or use the same examples you gave in the initial application? I feel like I would just be repeating myself if I used the same example as I have before.



Hey all

Had my telephone interview on Friday (9th Oct) for UFLP Supply Chain. I got an email today inviting me to a Selection Event in December - anybody else in this situation?

Didn’t expect it AT ALL because I felt my interview was a disaster - mobile phone signal was poor (didn’t have access to a landline), had my own voice echoing for the entire 45 minutes, I had a sore throat, there were some really unexpectedly in-depth questions, she interrupted me about 30 times which screwed up my STAR technique, and I accidentally burped towards the end :o

Really nervous about the Selection Event - I’ve got two interviews with other companies before that but Unilever is the one I really want.


Hello, nah
Congras for your entry into selection event, i am still waiting for telephone interview. I wanna have an overall expression of timetable, could you tell me what time exactly you will go to the selection event.



I am applying for the research and development graduate program.

I have just completed my online tests and have been invited for a telephone interview.

Will the questions for R&D be similar to the other questions that have been posted here? (obv apart from the question about why you chose that sector lol)



Can anyone give a rough idea on how long Unilever takes to get back to us after completing the online tests? Thanks!


I got mine within 2 days - it showed up on the website before they sent the email!


Hey nah, I am applying for UFLP Supply Chain as well. and i just got to know that I’m through to the telephone interview. Do you mind telling me what sort of questions should I expect? Thanks! Congratz on getting to the AC!!!


Hi Gabi, Thank you so much for sharing the telephone interview questions. I have seen my application status changed to telephone interview, though I have not received date of the phone interview.

I just want to ask you something about unilever’s competitors. You mentioned it’s better to have 4-5 example. Do you mean examples on product wise, figure wise (market shares, etc) or something else.

Many thanks.


Hi Nah,

I am going to have a phone interview soon. Would you mind shedding some lights?
Thank you.

Good Luck with your AC!