Hello! Well the numerical questions are time consuming but not hard. I only got to question 15 out of 20 to be honest. If you practice more than I did before you proceed to the actual test you should not have any problems. You can find two tests on assessmentday.co.uk. There are 60 questions you can practice. And you can find more online.


Hey Alexa, I just finished the test today. Do you know when we can get the result?


Hi! I completed the tests on sunday evening and got my results first thing in the morning on monday. I still haven’t received an email informing me of the results however my Unilever account shows that i have progressed to the phone interview stage (huraaaay). I booked my interview for next wednesday.

Alexa, thanks for the info. How did you do in the tests?


Hey, just got past the two online tests, has anyone had a telephone interview for the the Business and Technology Mangement scheme. if so do the questions differ from what has already been posted? also user sandyjing17, can I please ask, what did you mean by ‘innovation time’ in your post? did you mean they asked ‘when was a time where you have been innovative’ or something to that extent. :slight_smile:


I found you’ve applied for Unilever’s China program, congratulate you passing the first stage. Btw, do you apply for china programs of other multinational companies?


Hihi everyone! I have been invited to the Assessment Centre for next week in Surrey. As you know it is best to get to know each other before we go. Is anyone from London and going to the centre? Please PM me if you are :slight_smile:


Well done Deon


Good Job Deon

The best of luck in the AC.


wish me luck :slight_smile:


Hi Deon, this is Shirley. I have received the invitation to the AC next Wednesday to Thursday. I am in London now too. Which program did you apply? How are ur preparing going?


I have sent a private message to you Shirley


Hello again Gabi. Yesterday Unilever called me to tell me that I have passed the online tests. I have my interview on Friday. Did you have your interview and if yes, how were the questions? Best of luck from now on


i had my interview today. the questions were: time you solved a problem creatively, time when you made decision quickly and persuaded others, went the extra mile to satisfy a customer, time when you showed leadership qualities, time when you gave responsibilities to others based on their skills, time when you had to plan/organise something (focus on the planning/organising process, not the situation); time when you had use your analytical skills, did some research and proposed a course of action; unilevers competitors (give 4-5 examples), unilevrs competitive advantage, why fmcg, why financial management, issues affecting unilever, and the last question was something like why do you want to become a leader ( refer to their standards of leadership)

you have to be concise and on the subject, cut any additional details (she interrupted me quite a few times because i was giving too many unnecessary details), emphasize you skills and actions as much as you can. structure your answer using the STAR approach, however focus on what Actions you took and give as many details as you can on how you convinced the group to go your way or how you organised that task and so on. I can’t stress enough how important this is, basically that’s the only thing that matters to them.

hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

good luck for friday


thanks for this Gabi :slight_smile: did they mention anything about feedback? did they mention when they would get back to you


Hello Modupe.
Did the link to the Numerical Reasoning Test appear immediately after you completed the Logical Reasoning test in your account area? I have completed the Logical reasoning test, Had just one left and am sure abt the ones i answered but i am yet to see the Link to the NRT.


she said i should receive an email in a week or so… nothing about the feedback, but from what i know most companies offer feedback after interviews.


Did they call you to invite you to a telephone interview? Did you know the date of tele interview before hand?


Did they call you to invite you to a telephone interview? Did you know the date of tele interview before hand?


you need to book your interview online. check your unilever account and you should have the available slots there.


Hi everyone

I did the tests for Unilever’s Future Leaders grad scheme (supply chain) a few weeks ago and, having heard nothing, I checked my account today. It says the status of my application is ‘Telephone Interview’…but then states that I am currently unable to select any slots!!

I’m quite worried - is there a chance that I missed the ‘deadline’ to select a slot? I didn’t receive an email or phone call telling me I had passed to the telephone interview stage. Looking at the other posts suggests that other people have been able to select slots and have already done interviews.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!