hi guys, does anybody have practice questions for the unilever learning capabilities test (the second psychometric test of 280 questions)?


hi guys, does anybody have practice questions for the unilever learning capabilities test (the second psychometric test of 280 questions)?


Hey everyone, had the phone interview for UK grad scheme and found out that i’ve passed it today, but not no news on assessment centre. has anyone else heard back?



Congrats and welcome to the waiting area.


Thanks for the congrats!
They told me the first assessment centres would by end of October, so guess we’re all waiting to find out :slight_smile:


well, at least end of October is not that far away anymore :slight_smile: congrats to passing the phone interview!


Yeah but I dont think that the ACs start at the same time in different countries.
Do they?


hey guys… i just want to know, what does it mean when you have submitted your application and the status says “added to Requisition” and also when there is no comment under the Status column on the Unilever application.

and also how soon after you have applied do they call you or or let you know if you have been short-listed?

Thanks guys


Hi everyone, I just got an email by Unilever but I want to practice before start the test they sent me, do you have any online and free website I can use??? THANKS!


Hi everyone.

I had my phone interview one week ago today. How long did it take for them to get back to you?

Many Thanks


Hi M.R.90,

I had my phone interview 2 weeks ago, but still no feedback from them. Waiting is killing me!!


It took exactly 1 week to get back to me, you might want to call them up and find out?
Has anyone else heard about assessment centres?


Nothing so far.
Waiting. I am still waiting. Actually, I enjoy waiting :frowning:


Hi everyone!

I received an email today telling me that I have passed the telephone interview. It would have been 2 weeks tomorrow.

However they are saying that they cannot confirm a place at the Selection Board, I shall be assured, though, that they are currently considering me.

I guess that means they are still not sure…



Hi Number14 and MMZone, don’t be too bothered, they didn’t get back to me until over a month after my phone interview (Interview was August 29, I got feedback on October 2). Still waiting for word on the selection day…

Good luck to everyone.



Welcome to the waiting area. It’s been now five months since I passed the interview and no words about the SB.


Hi all,

I have just been invited to do the online logical reasoning and numerical reasoning tests. Does anyone know what type of tests they’re using? I am a bit concerned about the logical test as i have never done it before. Any tips from someone who’s passed this stage already would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone !


Hello Gabi. Just finished mine. Take a look on graduatewings.co.uk. You will find there the kind of logical reasoning questions Unilever gives. They are quite easy. I finished 23 out of 24 in 12 minutes.


Hi Alexa Irina. How was the numerical?


Hi everyone,

I just had my telephone interview last Monday and I am still waiting for the results.

Thanks for all information you guys provided since all questions had been covered by previous posts: 1.innovation time 2. leadership qualities 3. made decision quickly and persuaded others 4. involve in conflicts 5. went out of your own way to satisfy customers 6. why financial management 7. why FMCG 8. industry news affect FMCG 9. who are competitors 10. Unilever’s competitive advantages. Hope these can be helpful to any potential applicants.

The only question I was not sure about is ‘why financial management’. Unfortunately I was too nervous during the interview so I misunderstood the question. Hope that it would not affect my progression to the selection board…Finger cross!!

Hope again that I would be informed soon of passing my telephone interview.