Hi LisaFuchs,

Thanks. The online tests aren’t too bad, but the practice ones on the grad site are a bit easier than the actual ones, in my opinion. You can do some practice on psl.com, coz that helps. You have to be really fast, too, but not so much that you get answers wrong. I couldn’t finish any of the tests (had 1 left in the LRT and about 4 left in the NRT), but I guess I answered the ones I did correctly. Just try to practice 2 or 3 times, and you should be good. They’ll get back to you in about 2 days, but if you’re impatient, you can probably just check your profile on the grad site and find out for yourself by the next morning.

Good luck!


Hi, hope you went well in the online test. I want to apply for the Unilever China program this year, can you give me for the online opening questions? I heard that only 1/3 for the candidates will past the first round! good luck!



Hi, hope you went well in the online test. I want to apply for the Unilever China program this year, can you give me some tips for the online opening questions? I heard that only 1/3 for the candidates will past the first round! I am having a headache on questions like how you get help from other when solving a big problem or how you spot an opportunities and make it happen! Thanks a lot!! good luck!



Hi guys, just finished the phone interview. Was exactly 45 minutes, here’s what they asked:

Growth Mindset - time when you solved a problem creatively; Customer Focus - time you did something different from your norm, in order to satisfy a customer; Bias for Action - time you had to make a tough decision quickly and convince people to go with your decision; Accountability & Responsibility - time you have full responsibility for a complex project; Building Talent & Teams - time you had to assign tasks to people based on their different abilities

Career Questions - Why unilever? - Why marketing and customer development? - Why fmcg? - What research have you done about unilever? - Unilever’s competitors and unilever’s competitive advantage - Key issues affecting unilever - Describe a time when you showed leadership qualities


Hi Jojo,

You could check this out: http://targetjobs.co.uk/employer-research/unilever-insights/recruitment?tab=selling-yourself-in-writing

Hope it helps


Thanks a lot mate
How long after submitting were you asked to do tests?
Good luck with your next rounds


I got invited for the test about a week after I applied, then another week before the interview.

Good luck with your application!



Did you get any update about the phone interview. I got the update of passing the interview after only 3 hrs.

They should let you know in two weeks.

For me, It’s been now three months and no update about the selection board.

I dont really know what Unilever takes too much time getting back to us.

Good luck guys


Anyone applied to China has heard back? Apps are reviewed by hr in China (respective countries) ? Seems to be a long wait.
Can you give me a shout if u heard back please, cheers


Let me explain something about the test.

It’s provided to you in a special folder. It has 6 or 7 types of questions. Each type has it’s own questions, information, table or graphs. You first solve the first questions of each type then you move to the second questions of each type etc.

Some questions are easy to solve and some are super tricky but not difficult to solve.

The idea is that you need to work AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Good luck guys


I hate nagging, but anyone heard back from Unilever, applied for non-UK ?thanks


hi exupery!
i applied for China program and got feedback in about one wk after submitting the APF.
Be patient and good luck!


Hi mmzone
Thanks for the reply,
I applied for financial mgmt, what function you applying to? Are you in interviewing stage? Also may I ask if you’ve done a Masters (or if you have a degree from top 5 etc), I know it’s not required by them, but given we are applying for China I thought my lack of one could have been holding me back. Worried, oh so worried…
pm me if you like, thanks a lot


Hey, thanks for this. I am going to take the phone interview soon, what country what this graduate programme for? I am applying for UK FLP.


ModupeM - what country are you applying to? thanks!


Hi couchman.f

I’m applying for the Nigeria FLP. It’s through the UK office, so it’s the same process as the UK FLP. Still haven’t got feedback about my phone interview, anyway.

Good luck with your interview!


Waiting is killing me :frowning:


hi Ali,
Do they still reluctant to give a timescale? At least you know you’re clear the interview, I have not heard back since submitting.


Hi Exupery

They do and what killing me is that passing the interview does not necessarily mean you will participate in the selection board. They might just cancel your application. They MIGHT do it. I’m not fully sure about it.


Right, just had my telephone interview, not sure how it went… But I’ll let you know as I find out. I had applied for a marketing placement year, and I will just let you know some details I found out and the questions I had.
Basically marketing is based in Leatherhead, but you may travel around to the manufacturing companies to help with manufacturing and packaging.

On to my questions, I wasn’t asked specific questions as such, but I was asked to expand on my other answers.
1)Describe a time where you showed innovation.
2) Describe a situation where a project didn’t go well and how you dealt with it.
3)Describe a time when you showed leadership.
4) Why Marketing?
5) Why FMCG industry?
6) Describe the main competitors of Unilever, and how Unilever has the competitive advantage.
7) There are many different areas in the marketing programme, where do you want to work in the most?

I think there were a couple more related to my answers, but I can’t remember them sorry!
Feel free to ask me if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll get through!