Hi, I;ve got one this week so will give you some info once i’m done :slight_smile:

Would be useful if someone could share their experiences toooo



Hi adp1989,

Which function are you applying for?
I’m looking forward to your good news!
Good luck this friday!


Im applying to HR, although all places have now been filled up so if i’m successful it will be deferred a year! what function are you applying for?
Hopefully it will be good news, AC sounds pretty tough though!!


I’m applying for R&D.
Did they say so when inviting you to the AC? I’m worried as I didn’t hear about things like this or do you mean all the places for HR are filled up?
Anyway, best luck with your AC!


must just be HR places, they rang me a few days ago to let me know, so they would have told you im sure if it was relevant to the other streams!


hi everyone , how are you all ?

i passed the three stages of Unilever future leader program (graduate program)b

1- Application

2-Assessment test

3- Competency based interview

i passed all of them and am invited to the selection board event …plzzzanyone can give me wat happens that day ?? …what shall i do ? ,how can i be prepared ???

plzzzz anyoneee …THNXXXX XOXO


OK, just did the selection day…didnt get through but never mind!

the whole day is based around the launch of a new product (probs a hair care brand, then within that diff products with diff focus’s i.e. sustainability, quality at low price etc.)

Case study:

You have to write two reports. The first is the most difficult and time constrained. You are given a lot of information (similar to what you might receive in a normal etray) which you then have to identify the main issues of and suggest how you would tackle these issues for example. You also have to devise an action plan. You must keep an eye on the time as its easy to get carried away writing too much for the first couple sections and then forgetting about the action plan.
The second report you write is basically a brief that someone might read before giving a presentation to a buyer about the product. you just have to highlight the key issues.


The interviews varied depending on which interviewer you get. Mine was fairly informal and we had a general chat… not asking many comp questions. have questions prepared to ask as my interviewer almost used what I asked to direct the interview itself. Other people on my selection day had much more formal interviews though asking the comp questions directly.

Case study 1:

i cant actually remeber much about this one… again its to do with product launch , looking at the main issues and devising an action plan I think. So it might bve worth thinking about what factors affect product launches right through from retailers to manufacturing and staff issues such as training etc.


This is how your function fits into the company and works alongside the other functions. It is within the context of a product launch,. Put in your own opinion ie strategies you would suggest to launch this product.

Case study 2:

You are all given a set (different) opinion which you have to introduce and advocate. The group then has to decide on the two most important to deal with immediately. Some of these will have immediate impact on brand reputation (ie need to recall faulty batch), others will be looking at long term strategies for development of the brand (ie restructuring company). I didnt get through because I didnt develop my own points enough, I only introduced them then let the rest of the group discuss so make sure you develop yours and others ideas.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



I have a phone interview scheduled over the next few days. Kind of nervous. I’ve prepared and done loads of research so fingers crossed it pays off!!

I’m applying for the Business Technology Management placement and everyone’s contribution has really helped!!

Can anyone give me any advice on competency questions that may be asked?

Thank you!

Wish me luck!!


Hi Sandra,

Congrats on passing!! Could you shed some light on the questions asked during the phone interview please.



Hi adp1989!

Really sorry to hear that you didn;t make it through! Thanks for your massive information! That’s extremely helpful!
I have one question, were all these case study, presentation exercises based on the same scenario? And is it necessary to consider the information provided in last exercise say case study when doing group discussion or presentation?



I am in the process of applying for the 2012 HR grad scheme - can anybody shed some light around the AC?

Is the format the same for all functions?



Hey frinds, I can’t find the document that you posted. please can u help me? could u give me another link? If i click on that link, I only can find a lot of html code… but no documents… please help! It’s very important!


Dear All,

A week ago I had an phone interview regarding Unilever Future Leaders Programme (Finance). I took about 45 min, lady who I talked with was quite nice however did not explain the purpose, meaning of the questions. I had few questions that were mentioned in previous posts and a few new, so these are the new ones:

  1. Name a time when you were involved in a conflict.
  2. Explain why you would become a very good manager.
  3. Name a time when you were an leader or manager of project/task.

All advices mentioned in previous posts are extremely useful. In addition I would like to give my own advice (based on the feedback from Unilever):

  • you should refer to those situations when you have an opportunity to be a leader or worked in a group
  • you should show your managerial competencies understand as a leader abilities and other soft skills, but remember show that you were the BOSS of a project
  • keep in mind Unilever 5 competencies and try to indicate them in your answers, all of them or at least few

They are looking for a future managers so prove them that you are the one.

In case if someone is curious - unfortunately I did not pass the phone interview stage, barbecue I did not show enough evidences of my managerial skills.

Thank you all for your advices and I hope that my will be also useful for others.

Take care,


Hello Guys

I have passed both the test and the interview and arrived to the selection board. Just waiting to their call.

One advice to pass the interview is that YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE A REAL MANAGER. It’s all about tell me about a time type of questions.

I remember these questions:
1- Tell me about a time when you took a difficult decision.
2- Tell me about a time when you showed creativity.
3- Tell me about a time when you leaded a team. What was the task, and what was your role and what was the outcome.

Also, few questions such as why Unilever and what are your weaknesses.

Wish me luck going through the selection board. I am excited for it.

Unilever finance future leaders program - Middle East

Thank and hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi there

What type of document you mean??


Hi guys,
I am currently going through the online part of the application. I would like to do some practice tests before hand though. Does anyone know a website with tests typical of Unilever (logic and Numerical). I keep trying www.psl.co.uk/practice but it doesnt work!!! It redirects to another site. Anyone else have this problem?

If anyone knows a website with online practice tests (especially free ones!) then please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi camis767

Unilever’s test is extremely tricky not difficult though. With working harder you can easily pass. The only test that resembles the one Unilever has is the GMAT and it is called numerical REASONING or Psychometric ( APTITUDE TESTS )

I cant post any links here but I will send you a message with few links to free tests you can practice.

Good luck and update us with good news …



Anyone applying to future leaders grad have heard back? thanks


I sent in my application on the 8th of August, done the online tests and passed, so waiting for an available day for my phone interview. Was pretty quick. How about you?


hi ModupeM,
any tips for the onilne tests? will do them tomorrow…

thanks and good luck with the phone interview