Unilever got back to me pretty quickly and invited me to the next assessment centre this coming Monday and Tuesday.

Has anyone got any advice or information concerning the presentation and case studies given within the Business and Technology Management function?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi Dong,

I am going to apply Unilever china program next year, did not catch this year’s one. is it possible you keep an record what questions / case u have been asked during the assessment centre?

Many thanks,


Hi Aidan,

I am going to apply Unilever china program next year, did not catch this year’s one. is it possible you keep an record what questions / case u have been asked during the assessment centre?

Many thanks,


Hi everyone…

I am going to apply Unilever China program next year. Would love to meet people who have gone through the interviews!!


if anyone may kindly share any experience…



Hey guys, I just had my Telephone interview for the Financial Management Scheme today and there were 8 questions in total: 5 were competency based and 3 were about Unilever and the scheme.

  1. Describe a time when you had a particularly challenging task

  2. Describe a time when you showed innovation

  3. Describe a time when you showed leadership qualities

  4. Describe a time when you went out of your way to meet customer satisfaction

  5. Cant remember :frowning:

  6. What do you know about Financial Management

  7. What research have you done on Unilever

  8. What qualities do you posses that would be suited for the role.

Hope that helps.


Hello guys, anyone applied for Unilver’s Finance Graduate 2012 intake?, I sent my application today, does anyone know how long they take to invite us to the next stage, ie psychometric testing?



Anybody waiting to hear back from Unilever, beware they take a long time to get back to you. I got told I passed my telephone interview back in august and only got told the date for my assessment day today.
After my assessment day I will post a recap of it regardless of the outcome. The information given on this thread has been a big help :slight_smile:


So… I had my assessment day about a week ago which did not go very well and unfortunately I did not get an offer, but I hope the following information is helpful for those of you who have the AC coming up.

Basically, the day runs from 8am to 5:30pm and you are assessed on 5 different tasks.

The night before the event, Unilever put you up in a hotel about 30mins away from the Leatherhead office where you will have a dinner with the other candidates and a current graduate on the Unilever scheme.
This dinner is good for building up a good relationship with the other candidates so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in the group exercises the next day. Luckily the guys who I had the AC with were all pretty cool. Also this is a good chance to find out more information about the company but to be honest the graduate who was hosting our dinner just took the opportunity to get tipsy on free drinks lol.


Before you do anything, make sure you have the Unilever ‘Standards of Leadership’ memorised and use them to tackle every task in the day as it is their marking criteria for you on the day. They want you to reflect leadership in the way they see it, so keep this in mind.

1st TASK: CASE STUDY (written exercise)
This task is probably the easiest to mess up and even though it seemed pretty pointless to me, it’s all about using your time efficiently and making sure you answer all the questions properly. You have about 60 mins to look through a load of information like emails and statements from managers etc. and then use this information to analytically tackle the questions. The key to making sure you do well here is to be really ANALYTICAL and not be too superficial with the answers you give (which can easily happen, due to being under tight time constrictions). There’s not much else I can say to help you with this task except for don’t underestimate it just because it’s written because they will reject you on the smallest stuff, this grad scheme is really competitive.

The interview will be with a senior member of staff. The structure of the interview will be pretty similar to the telephone interview but they will expect you to have a lot more knowledge about the company and the FMCG industry, so make sure you do your revision. Other than that it’s all competency based and about your previous experiences with leadership. You can use answers from your application and telephone interview, but they might pick up on this so try and come up with a few new answers. Try and structure your answers using the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) technique. For information on the FMCG market use this website http://www.about-fmcg.com/home.

You’ll have about 30 mins to read the information given to you (probably about the launch of a new hair product) and makes notes to bring in with you to the meeting. All of this preparation will be done individually so you will not confer with the other candidates before you meet in the board room for the group exercise. The key here is to try and lead (which everyone will be trying to do) but you have to push to get your voice heard and your points put forward but at the same time be understanding of everyone else’s views and take them on board. Remember this whole scheme is about leadership so you have to come across with confidence (but don’t be a controlling dick type, they won’t like it).

You will have about 45 mins to look over information and make notes on what the presentation will be about. The case study, group exercises and presentation all link and are going to be based on the same thing. After this preparation, you will meet one on one with a senior staff member and present your ideas to him/her for about 10 mins. Then they will grill you with questions for another 10 mins so make sure you know what you are talking about and try answer with confidence. Key here is similar to the case study, just be analytical and try to get into as much detail as you can.

This group exercise is easier than the first. Similar to the first one you’ll have around 30 mins to prepare and make notes individually, however you will each be given an issue which you need to bring forward. The point of this exercise is to try and push for your issue to be given the most importance, so you need to stress how the particular issue will affect the company and why it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Like the first group exercise, you have to come across confident and show your natural leadership and when analysing the issues, keep the ‘standards of leadership’ in mind.

The day is quite intense but at the same time the hosts of the day do a good job of keeping you relaxed. You get a tour of the office, which is probably the nicest office I’ve ever seen in my life, definitely one of the biggest incentives to work for the company imo.
Only thing else I can say, is even if you feel like you f**ked up any of the tasks just make the most of the day because it’s really good experience and will be helpful even if you get rejected.

Anyway, hope this helped :slight_smile:



Hi guys, I have a very urgent question and I need your help–I applied for the China Programme and after the online test, I was sent an email–the last email I got from them—saying that " We will be in contact shortly with details on how to book your telephone interview with us." I thought the information on booking telephone interview would be sent via email so I did not check my online status at all…lol But today I found that my application status was BLANK!!! I didn’t know the telephone interview should be booked online because on one told me to!! is it expired now?? what should I do now??

Thank you guys!!



I had a telephone interview with unilever last month for the Supply chain grad scheme and I thought Id post the questions up here so people could use it to help with their prep if anyone’s at that stage. They were:

  1. Describe a time you showed innovation
  2. Describe a time when you showed leadership
    3)Name a time when you had to make a difficult decision quickly
  3. Why Unilever
  4. Why FMCG
  5. Who are our competitors
  6. What edge do Unilever have over our biggest competitors
  7. Why supply chain
  8. What issues would they be facing now
  9. Describe a time when you’ve been completely responsible for something

Hope this helps.

Good luck.


Hi everyone,

I’ve been accepted to join the Selection Board regarding Finance MT position in Unilever Turkey. I am very grateful for your Selection Event posts but have no idea about the case studies about finance position. For example, is “the branding of an entirely new product” case still common in finance position in the Selection Board?

Please inform me as soon as possible because the event is going to be in less than 5 days…

Thanks for all your support!


Awesome. Thanks a lot for this. How did the interview go?


Hey, has anyone applied for the Unilever Customer Development Grad Prog?

Any tips for the last 3 competency based questions on gaining support from others, taking up an opportunity and seeking help from others?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


the selection board wass an awesome experience for me however, i wasn’t qualified for the job but whatever…
I went through all of the above cases and presentations so the process was exactly the same, only there were no logical based tests.
HR and other staff was so respectful and gentle and the most important thing was that they told us what should be done in order to eliminate our inabilities in addition to our posiitve abilities for a successful career.

Before the Selection Board, the interview was entirely based on competency based questions and how you behave in front of a professional person. You shouldn’t be anxious and just be yourself! That’s what its all about!

Good luck!


Thanks for your post berosh !
Could you give us a bit more information, please?
Like, how long it takes to get the selection board invitation after your telephone interview ? what the presentation is about ?
Thanks berosh~



I’ve just done the logical reasoning test and on my application form it now says ‘You have now successfully completed your Logical Reasoning online test’. How long does it take for the maths test to appear? A couple of hours, days??



It should be pretty quick, if not instant. How well do you think you did?


Hi everyone, is anyone else waiting for a update on their application at the moment? I applied a few days before New Year, got an email on 30/12 saying that they will get back to me “shortly” and nothing since then. I sent them one email during this time (2 or 3 weeks ago), I was told that I will get contacted once the decision is made… I am quite disappointed as I am very interested in their Russia programme.

So is anyone else in similar situation?


anyone here have been to the assessment center for UFLP? I’m invited to go to the assessment center on 23/24th Feb, it will be great if you could share your experience with me. BTW, anyone get invited to the same ac too?
Many thanks


Hi Berosh!
I have a couple of questions to you, because I have been also selected to join selection board for MT in Turkey, and I couldnt find proper information about it.

On that day, 5 tasks that are told before above are followed, right? and could you please give me more detail about case studies and group works that you did?
My other question is about the other candidates are also selected in the same position like me, for MT programme?

I hope you did great on your selection board, and got the job!

thank you in advance!