Thank you everybody who has contributed information! It is being really helpful.

Is anyone here not a Chinese national but applying for the China Marketing programme?


Can anyone give me an example of a case study examined at Unilever Assessment Center, or Selection Board?


Hi Aidan, I am a Chinese national and applying for the China Marketing programme. How about you?


Me too~ I am also applying for the China Marketing programme~ which stage have your guys reached? I am still waiting for the result of the telephone interview…since a long long time ago. How about you~?


Dong, have you received any update? I also applied the China Marketing Programme, good luck… :slight_smile:


Hi, I am appling China Marketing Programme too.
Finished the application form last week and waiting for updates.

Thanks for everyone’s contributes!!!
hope see you all in near future.



Has anybody have/had an assessment for the customer development role?

Any tips gratefully appreciated


I have an assessment centre in the next few weeks.


Hey Dong, when was your tele interview? Mine was on 8 Feb, and still no update yet. What a long time!


Mid Feb and I found out about my assessment centre a couple weeks later. I only found out because I checked my actual Unilever account by chance. So check that


It has been two weeks since I submitted application. still no news.
emailed them, haven’t got reply.

How long it normally take for you guys?


very much time…be patient. I’ve been waiting for updates for the 7th week already. So rest, it takes time.


haha, ok.
Assessment one – Patient.

That’s why they need invest more in Chinese Markets.


I’ve got a telephone interview for the business and technology management programme in a couple of days. Does anyone have any examples of the competency questions they might ask? Thanks.


im also applying to the china programme. submitted my app way back in oct 2010. did the telephone interview in early Jan. and only heard back today that i got rejected. and apparently it will take another month to get feedback on the telephone interview.

@showgirl, im not sue if they will ask the same question. but it was pretty standard. if i remember correctly, there were questions on teamwork, go extra mile to achieve results, a time you exceed customer service. also research the company, why FMCG and the why the area you want to work at. read the info on the first page. they were really helpful when I was preparing for my interview. and good luck!


thanks for your help abchahaha! i can’t believe how long they have taken to reply back, good luck in your future applications!


I submitted my application 2 months back and still had not received anything!!!

By the way, I am applying for grad programme in UK… They are taking a long time indeed than many firms do…


Hello shoegirl

I too applied for Business and Technology Management line… Have not heard anything from them…

How was ur interview??


Hi Andreana,

I really like this grad scheme and this particular function so I thoroughly researched the company and prepared examples beforehand so my interview went quite well. How did your interview go?

They emailed me yesterday to tell me I passed the interview stage however could not confirm a place on the A/C yet but told me that I am still being considered.


Any news on the assessment center? My interview went pretty well too… the feedback was that I should receive an email in the second april week (next week) if I made it to the assessment center or not…

Anyone already got a response? If yes, positive or negative? + What further did they mention in the email (Dates, etc… )